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>> Friday, January 01, 2010

Howdy Folks,
Happy New Year! And Happy Birthday to my dearest daughter! With a new year brings lots of new changes as promised, I would like to announce the opening of my
new EXCLUSIVE store at (ready for the drum roll.....dum.dum.dum.dum....)


You got it, my sister KariQ Designs and I have moved over to Scrappity Doo Dah. At the moment, I am still uploading product to the store, because everything is getting a new look. I am personally going over every kit, making updates to the designs, as well as adding more product to some older kits.

But dont be worried. If it just got a new package label, I have relabeled it with the words "repackaged" on it. If it got new goodies in and got updated, then it is getting the words "renewed" put on it. So watch for the new packaging. Feel free to ask away with any questions.

Now whatcha waiting for? Go check it out! Its new, its colorful, and I will be playing with some really good designers over there...lots of new fun coming your way.


Bianca 6:11 AM  

Welcome to the nest! Greetings from a fellow chickadee ;)

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