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>> Saturday, June 13, 2009

Howdy Folks,

I got a brand new kit! I know, its been awhile, but life has been making sure that I've been more than busy these days. It was sooooo awesome to get to design.. This kit is called Vis a Vis pronounced veeeez a veeee. long E's. Vis a Vis means "in relation to" or "One that has the same functions and characteristics as another; a counterpart". This kit for me, has an eclectic feel to it. I was looking for more of a collage feeling, something that worked together, but didnt necessarily match. Its the artist in me reaching out for something different. I hope it works for you, it sure did me, giving me the opportunity to try something outside of my norm. click on the picture or the title of this kit anywhere in this text and it will take you directly to my store where you can purchase this kit! Speaking of great stuff! Have you seen my sister and I's latest collaboration? Its called "Shes All That!" A fun kit filled with pinks, blacks and various shades of white. This kit is an absolute blast to play with! Just ask our CT!
Thank you all so much for being interested in enough in my designs to keep this going and letting me express myself artisticly! Its really been a great step away from life when it starts to get to hectic!

Be on the look out for some more great stuff coming your way!


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