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>> Thursday, July 09, 2009

Howdy folks,

well all kinds of craziness is going on in my life. going on two weeks ago, i took my laptop (aka lappy) went on a four day training with me, in hopes that i can have plenty of time to design. Well, in the process, my lappy died. The mother board died on day one. :o( I was sooo frustrated... but this was a yoga training i was on, so I had to keep my yoga mind with me, and did not freak out..... when i got home, i was on the phone with hp right away, luckily my lappy was defective, and covered under warranty. Yeah! everything will be fixed for free...whooo hoooo...

So its been a week and half since the phone call with hp, and the box finally showed up to be shipped back to them. I wasted no time what so ever...and it was shipped back today. it wasnt even at my home for 10minutes. lol.

In all the chaos of this my lappy dieing, i picked up a small mini lappy, its not capable of designing at all, its about the size of a book. anyway, i bought it to be able to get on line and keep up with what is going on, and figured my kids could use it when i got my lappy back. Well, while running an errand, my brand new mini lappy got soaked by a bottle of water that popped open...I seriously wanted to cry... of course, i was feeling like i had the flu 'cause i was sick with something, my wonderful hubby sent me to the tire store, which i absolutely hate doing... I try and compare the tire store as if I were to send him to the craft store with two young kids, and a shopping list, which should take him about an hour to pick up...

anyway, i survived the tire store...and my new ( 1 week old) went straight to the puter repair store to be peeked at...they kept it for a day to make sure everything was ok...well, the good news is that it turned back on...the ok news is that the monitor is water marked, looks like it has clouds in the background. which actually sounds worse than it is. its tolerable...the bad news is, that the programs are acting wonky, and i can barely get my number keys to work properly...i dont know if i can tolerate this.

I have been doing a great job keeping my temper under control through all of this, but now I sit here wondering is all of this worth it?

So from a design aspect, when i get my lappy back...hopefully i will be back on bard...but well see how long that takes to get back on board......


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