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>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My sister and I are joining forces in creating a new Creative Team together. But for some reason we cant seem to come up with a name, I know its not just us, because our friends are at a blank as well...Lol.

So here's some info of us that might help you, help us, come up with a name! We are sisters, 2 years apart. I'm the oldest, my sister Kari is the youngest. Both of our names start with a K. We are both mommies, we both love to design, and when we get together we cant stop laughing to save our lives. Lol. WE have got in trouble for that one since I can remember. :o)

For more information on our Creative Team stay tuned, the Call is coming out soon! But please, if you can help us with a name for our team. its going to be a large one. 12 members & 4 director positions.

Please just leave your ideas in the comments section. We are looking forward to what your ideas are. :o)


MN_Scrapper,  8:23 AM  

How about "The Kreative Krew?"

nwfotobug 9:53 AM  

Ohhh I like that!!! Great idea!



why not: K and Ko Creative Team ?

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