Al has done it again!

>> Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Al over at Actionfx has done it again! He now has overlays! Can you believe it...he's trying to make our lives just a little bit easier! Al just released today 34 full size 12x12 Overlays for making paper! Yep, you heard me 34 of them! Is that not amazing? This is the kind of goodies we get all of the time from Al. So, if you have been riding the fence about joining, this should be the reason to get off the fence. He is really working hard to make sure his designs work for digital scrap bookers. He's even got a forum set up, and our own section of goodies, tutorials, and all the other goodies that come like layer styles, brushes, shapes, photo actions. And they are available all of the time. No limited access like those other sites, you can download as much as your little heart desires, or you have time to do in a day. But, I head you one warning. Dont think that you can download all of his goodies in a month and walk away, because he releases alot of new goodies almost weekly. You'll be missing out if you do. He's rates are reasonable. Once you sign on, you'll understand what I'm talking about, and you wont want to go anywhere. Alot of the big name designers are there, and you know if they are there, its for a reason. So, if you are interested in signing up, just click on the box that says Actionfx in the right hand column and it will take you straight to his site. :o)

Now this gets better! Betsy over at Plaindigitalwrapper has come out with a program that is to die for. If you collect Presets (brushes, shapes, color palettes, patterns) well, you are going to love this. She has come up with a program for viewing such treats. I've had the pleasure of getting to test run it, and I can tell you that its quite nice. You simply open the program and it scans your computer for all of your presets. And with a simple click of the button you can view all of your brushes, or shapes, or patterns. You can view all of your presets thumbnail, filmstrip or tiled view as well... this saves lots of time rather than loading each one in photoshop to view them..... click here for Betsy's Preset Viewer!

Ohhh and one more thing...Betsy's Preset Viewer is 20% off right now... get it while its hot!

So now with the combination of these two goodies, your digital scrapbooking life just got a whole easier...So what are you waiting for?


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