New kit, new layout, and CT closed!

>> Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Kit - well sorta...
I always seem to wait to post and then I have a lot to say. Lol. I guess thats just how it goes in the digi world. Lol. So I have to tell you about a new kit that I just put in the store today. This kit is going to look all to familiar if you've been watching my designs throught the year!

Yep, like I said, I had this kit up as a freebie awhile back. But I decided to make some changes to it. Give it a little revamp. A little improvement. Since my skills in designing have improved, there was no way I was going to put this in the store the way it was. The reason I added it to the store in the first place was because I was getting requests for it. I figured it must be a good one. So, I bet you are wondering what I did to it. Lol. Well I wont make you guess. I changed two of the papers that I had outgrown, the bisque pattern paper, and the salmon paper was given more of a pattern. I also changed the tags. They needed a little love, so I just added some texture to them. I pretty'd up a couple of the ribbons, and then I added a few things, all elements. I added the V shaped ribbons, the raffia strip, and the salmon colored scrunched ribbon. Thats it. I think they were some nice changes that really did a lot for it. :o) Wanna see what some of it looks like? Well Check out this layout I just did!
New Layout!

Credits: Paper - undetermined what kit its going in; Elements - Spa Treatment kit a PDW Exclusive; Date - Date Stamps 2007 an SDS Exclusive
So isnt it cute! I love it! I especially love the paper, and my daughter. She is so much fun. Always up for an adventure! Reminds me of me, B.K. lol. She almost always has a smile on her face. I love that about her. Though when she doesnt have a smile, its usually the opposite. lol.. Girls... they are so dramatic. Lol. But they sure are fun.
Creative Team Call Closed!
Well I have some good news! The Creative Team Call is closed! This may not seem like good news to some of you, especially if you are just finding out about the call. But this is great news for me and the girls that are already on my CT. Because now we have a full house! A perfect number of girls, to keep the conversations going, to keep us busy doing what we love, to chat about all the great layouts we are doing, and to help give me ideas with the kits that I'm working on. My girls are great, The Best! I'm sure all the designers say that about theirs, and I'm sure they are to them as well. I truly feel blessed to get to do this. Because even when you hear about all the horrible things that go on in this industry (we all have them), you know that its girls like these that make it all worth while. :o)
I do want to say, to the ones that didnt make the team. Keep trying. Dont give up. Unfortunately, I can only have so many spots. If I were to hire you all, I would have no time to design. Though it would be a lot of fun, we wouldnt have anything to play with . I appreciate you taking the time to send in your app's and put your heart out on the line. I know how it feels, I had my share of disappointments also. But keep on trying. your time will come, the perfect team is out there waiting for you. Who knows it could be here some time down the road! So keep on trying, and keep on making those wonderful layouts! Because all this is for you and your memories, not making a team!
Ta Ta for now! Happy Scrapping!


Anonymous,  12:15 AM  

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Val 6:24 AM  

I just saw on your sister (of crime ;-) )blog your CT call!!!
And I am too late!
what a pity!
any how ...have fun girl, all of you!


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