New kit & a freeb...but its not mine. :o)

>> Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Kit: Fairy Dust Trails
Yep, you heard it right. A new kit. So how many people have something magical they would like to scrap? It could be little girls, little boys, even ourselves. Well for those magical moments in our life, I created a cute little fairy dust trails kit. Its full of 6 fairy dust trails and one fairy dust frame. All hand drawn by me. :o) All files are in png format and were created at 300dpi....wanna peak?

Dont you just love the sparkly look? Cant you just imagine these in your layout? Well hurry on over to Plain Digital Wrapper and pick it up. This kit is exclusive to Plain Digital Wrapper, so you wont find it anywhere else.

Hillbilly Sweetpea Designs New Kit & Freebie

Ok, on to some more stuff.... So I know this wonderful lady who just created the cutest kit and I have to share it with you! It is totally cute! I think I'm going to have to go get it. Check this out!

I just love the beautiful colors she chose. And those elements. Wow! You know those have to be hand drawn images. Its just gorgeous. Look at those beautiful lines on the bird, and the leave frame/overlay.... that is cute. I just love this kit. And what a perfect name. So what are you waiting for.... more stuff? Well there is. Lol. She's also got this cute alpha set to match. Its being sold with the kit or separately. Pretty cool huh? I think its perfect!

Cool huh? I just love it. Nice job on the Close up also. Everyone loves close ups. :o) Hillbilly Sweatpea Designs are just so awesome. I love them. So I bet you are wondering where to get all this great stuff huh? Well I'll tell ya. You can get the kit and alpha at her store here! Well if you didnt think this could get any better, it does. She has a freebie over on her blog as well.... That matches all this beautiful work. Can you believe it a freebie!!! I didnt think it could get better than this, but it does. Lol. Check out the freebie...

Nope, I'm not getting paid to say any of this. Just an admirer of Hillbilly Sweatpea's designs. Dont tell, but I've been watching her designs for awhile now, and she's good. I'm sure you will be seeing lots of her great work in the future. So head on over get your freebie, because its only available for 24 hours! Yep thats it. 24 hours! And head on over to her store, and pick up that beautiful kit.

And if you have money just burning a whole in your pocket, dont forget to swing on by my store at Plain Digital Wrapper and pick up your fairy dust. :o)

Happy Scrapping, and be on the look out for another kit that will be going into the store very soon. This one is for all those wild boys out there. hint..hint...


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