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>> Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ok, so its been awhile since I've done a layout. But that will change soon. I'm sucker for a good challenge, and signed myself up for the Amazing digi scrap race.... if you havent heard of it, check it out here. But this layout has absolutely nothing to do with this race. I did just cause I can. :o) I miss doing layouts. And I'm really excited to get to do this race, in hopes that it will challenge me to do some more. :o) So meanwhile check out my new layout!

Credits: Paper from Rodeo Days & elements from a soon to be kit called Rodeo Days Element Pack. :o)

The layout reads "I often forget what a small world we live in really. This 21 year old I’ve been watching for years at the St Paul Rodeo, & he would ride bulls and then jump on his horse & work as a Dodge Pickup man. The announcer would always carry on about how young, cute, & single he was. Well it seems this cute young face has gotten famous on us. Believe it or not, but this is CMT’s official winner of the “Top American Cowboy”. He just took himself $50k home. Can you believe it? I’ve watched this kid grow up in this rodeo. He’s a local cowboy, but in these parts there’s cowboys everywhere. He’s also none other than the brother to the famous Bull Rider Ross Coleman. And son to the famous cowboy Steve Coleman. I guess its running in his veins huh? "

Soooo what do you think? I love it. but then its cowboy, how could you not. :o) anyway these pics are from Cowboy Christmas at the St Paul Rodeo that I went to on Monday. The reason the cowboy is wearing pink, is because its "tuff enough to wear pink" night supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. Just so you know cowboys dont usually wear pink. Just wanted to clarify. :o) Happy Scrapping!


SAHM 1:29 PM  

Kris - that is totally cool! I mean, the story behind it and what happened to him. I don't have a TV, but I'm really into Bull Riding [and scared every time someone gets hurt or falls off - not something I wanna ever do - or have my kid do] and we've recognized a few of the names [both the bulls and the guys]. And, yes, bull riders and cowboys **are** tough enough to wear pink - they make pink look manly. [though I think guys can wear pink, seeing the pros hit with pink bats for Awareness still makes me think it's weird - a pink patch or a pink helmet, okay - but a pink bat??? :-) ] Thanks so much for your LO!

Brook 3:48 PM  

You are a story teller. What a great way to pay tribute to him! Love it!

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