Hot summer days

>> Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wow, has it been hot here! We hit 102 yesterday, and are forcast is for 100 today. It will be in the 90's the rest of the week. Sighhh..... I'm so glad we have Air Conditioning. I couldnt imagine sitting in this right now. Thank you honey again, over and over for finally caving at my requests for AC. Lol.

Yesterday we went to the zoo. and ohhh my babies were angels. I always dred trips because its always a gamble on their behavior. But they were both good. Yipppee..... I didnt get a lot of pics, because of the hustle, and their were soooo many people there. I was surprised. I thought the hot weather would keep people from going. But no luck. Lol. I'm sure they hit record number's in attendance, we had to wait at every exhibit to see the animals. I usually dont go in the summer, but thought it would be good for us all to get out. I cant wait to show you all the pics. :o) Guess I better get on a zoo kit huh? lol.

Here is a kit that is new up in the store this week. Its called Hot Summer Days. Please swing by my store and check it out. I've got lots of goodies this week.

Also, here is a freeb that goes with this kit. I hope it brings you lots of layouts with all the warm weather. Enjoy!

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Maria 11:43 PM  

Thank you for your beautiful freebie! Your blog post has been added to the freebies list at

~Sasha Farina~ 7:15 AM  

Thank you kris! :)

Brook 8:56 AM  

I really love this kit. I'm going to make something with it today. It is not supposed to be that hot up where you are. Here in FW Wed. is half price day and it gets so crowded you can barely more. You have to be there at the crack of dawn to miss most of the crowds.

PSharp 8:28 PM  

Thank you for sharing your pretty papers.

Nancy P,  11:34 PM  

These colors are so SUMMER! Thank you so mcuh for this very nice gift!

Anonymous,  1:16 PM  

I love these colors! They remind me of sherbert! Thank you!

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