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>> Sunday, June 10, 2007

I would like to apologize for not announcing anything regarding my Creative Team Call! We seem to be having some technical difficulities on this end. And I was not receiving emails for a few days. I think the problem has been fixed but since I dont think it is fair for everyone that may or may not have sent me any emails, and emails I have sent out I'm not sure if they got to anyone. I would like to redo the CT Call! I have picked a few people already, but I still have three openings available. So please send in your applications. If you have already sent me an application, I would appreciate it if you could just resend it. Here are the people that I have received applications for so you do not to reapply. Everyone else, send away! :o)

Jamie - I have contacted you, but have not heard back. Please email asap. :o)
Jeanette B
Amber W
Kerry P
Kathy M
Sierra S

The new Deadline for the CT Call is Wednesday, June 13th, 2007 with hopefully an announcement on Friday July 15th, 2007. I hope this gives you all plenty of time to get them in. Thank you all for your patience. For more information on where to send your application please scroll down.


Candy Cook 4:57 AM  

I resent mine, Kris. Hope you receive it this time! Sorry 'bout the bouncing email - uncool.. happened to me with SDS email, too.

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