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>> Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I was thinking about you guys today. And I sure miss hearing from you. I know its my fault for being so quiet. So I would love to give you a little something, just cause I can. :o) I love what I do! Enjoy!

Link Expired

btw... these colors go really great with my Sweet Butterfly kit over at Scrap Digi style. Go check it out!


Anonymous,  1:49 AM  

Love the frames! Thanks so much!

Angelica 8:06 AM  

You can never get to many frames and these are great, thanks for sharing:)

Marta,  8:31 AM  

Love 'em, thanks. I read your blog every day (just so you know), but I don't always leave a comment. :)

Lizzerd 2:10 PM  

great stitches! tfs

Glenda,  3:27 PM  

Thanks for the frames. I love the stitches. Thanks again

Anonymous,  4:35 PM  

TY for sharing this set of stitching, I often need stitching in my LO :) Hugs !!

Jamie 6:07 PM  

these are so cool

MelissaV 9:56 PM  

Nice!! Thanks for sharing--I love them!! :)

Anonymous,  9:21 AM  

Thank you for the circle frames and the rusty ones. I am sure they will get lots of use.

Donna,  9:40 AM  

Thanks for the beautiful frames.

Joanna 1:04 PM  

Love your frames - thanks a lot!

~Sasha Farina~ 5:03 AM  

they're so pretty! Thank you!

Pascaline 12:55 PM  

Thanks !!! If you want I've got a new freebie on my blog today if you'd like to stop by...

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