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>> Sunday, May 20, 2007

So I have to apologize for not keeping in touch lately. Every thing has exploded on this end of the world, all at once. None of its bad, just all very demanding of my time. I've been working hard trying to get things in order for our brand new store Scrap Digi Style. Also I just got put on the payroll at Bally's total fitness as an instructor, and then their is life. The usual stuff. The weather has been nice all week, so I got my garden put in as well. So needless to say, my blog has taken the raw end of the deal. Lol. So I apologize. As a thank you for putting up with my absence I made a little goodie for you. I hope you like it. They are called Plastic Circle Frames. I'm loving the dot thing right now, which you will be seeing a lot more. I hope you guys like them as well. There is just something about them that just catches my eye. I like them blended with a more retro feel. Normally warm colors. But my new little niece has inspired the colors in this set. I hope she can use them. Enjoy! And I will do my best to do a better of job of staying in touch.

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Also, a little update on the happy home of my sister. All is well, and she is home now with her new bundle of joy. Everyone is healthy and happy. Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments. They are greatly appreciated, she was full of wonderful tears reading them all, so thank you so much for touching her heart.

Happy Scrapping.


Anonymous,  4:06 AM  

Wonderful Frames! Thanks so much!

Tanya 7:19 AM  

Very cute and useful thanks for sharing!!!!

Marta,  9:40 AM  

Thank you so much.

Glenda,  4:56 PM  

Very cute and look like fun!!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

Nancy72,  6:36 PM  

These are GREAT, Kris...;o) Thank you for making them...AND sharing!!!

Nancy P,  12:23 AM  

Very cool frames - great colors too! Thank you for this very nice gift!

Kristi Sauer 8:44 AM  

Very cute, thanks!

rachel 11:23 AM  

OMG>>> I didn't know she had her baby!! Congrats to auntie,mommy and bundle of joy!!!

I'm always looking for photos of lil ones to scrap with, so if she'd like to have someone work on some scrapping with her lil wonder, email me some photos at Of course, if you send me pics to play with I'll send both you and sister the results! LOL I've just gotten some AMAZINGLY gorgeous antique baby kits from Kathryn Bailint, tina williams, and blushbutter and I'm just dying to put them to good use! LOL

So keep me in mind if you'd like some pretty stuff with that little punkin! And even if you don't, I cant wait to see pics of this little cutie on your blog!

congrats again!!! What a blessing!

rachel kendall

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