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>> Thursday, May 10, 2007

Well howdy! I sure had fun playing today! I was messing around with a tutorial today, and came up with this! Not bad huh? I kinda like it. Though I should be getting a lot of other stuff I couldnt help it. Lol. I get distracted by fun stuff! And yes, designing is fun to me. So, I'm going to jump right to it, because I have some exciting news to tell you. Here's Butterfly Haven!

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Ok, now to the exciting news! I applied to design for "Just Charity Scraps" and was approved! Now if you've never heard of them, you should familiarize yourself with them. They have designers contribute to a kit every month that is sold and all the proceeds go to the charity that it was made for. Every month a kit is designed for a new charity! Now how cool is that? And these are all good charities. Big names that we are all familiar with. This month is Make a Child Smile, next month is the World Wildlife Federation. You have got to go check them out. And all you designers, you've got to jump in on this one! The thrill of knowing that the money from these go to a good cause is enough for me to want to sign up! So what are you waiting for?

Happy Scrapping!


Nancy72,  1:08 AM  

BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks so much...;o)

It's really late.....errrrrrrr...
really early in the morning so i'll check out the charity site later today...LOL

mel 1:54 AM  

i just looooove butterflies! thanks so much for this!
much love,

Anonymous,  6:55 AM  

thank you!

Sabrina,  9:21 AM  

Thank you for sharing this beautiful minikit. I really like the texture.

Scrapcat4914 10:15 AM  

TY very much!!

wvsandy,  1:14 PM  

Great news. Can't wait to see what you come up with for next month. The Toys kit for May is really cute.

TY for the mini kit. The colors are great. You always create such pretty things.

Shell 3:03 PM  

Thanks so much!

Anonymous,  6:13 AM  

Thank you so much

Anonymous,  11:47 AM  

How beautiful!! Love all the soft mixed colors! And what a great LO you did with it. It also has such a terrific saying on it! How very, very true! Congrats on being accepted on JCS! I am right with you on the garage sales!!! Just love to stop and see what they have and really great when you can find things you like! Thanks so much for the newsletter and Mother's day stickers. Hope you have a great week!!

Peggie 1:46 PM  

This is beautiful. I love the soft

Anonymous,  1:14 AM  

This is really lovely!!!! Thank you for sharing! :)

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