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>> Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I told you I would have more layouts & another freebie... But before I get to those I would love to tell you about this book I picked up over the weekend. Its called Cherish by Jeanette R Lynton. What a rockin book for the scrapbooker either traditional or Digital. This book has inspired me in so many ways, in both my layouts and my designing. I'm really enjoying it. If you get a chance, you should check it out. layouts..I just love this one...I love that I'm doing layouts again, and that its inspiring me to create more. Lol. I've been wanting to get these pics scrapped, and what a wonderful way to do it. Here is a layout of my husband and son going shooting. This was part of our spring break vacation also. We went up as a family and my daughter and I hung out at the truck while my son Sage got a shooting lesson from dada. They were both so proud. My husband has a passion for shooting but rarely gets out anymore. Family life just gets so busy. But I think after this lesson, we will be making time for more shooting. I sure had a hard time keeping my daughter at the truck. lol. She really wanted to go shooting, but she's a bit young for that right now. She's 2. I'm sure her time is coming, when dada will be taking her out shooting also. :o)

Everything in these layouts was designed by me with inspiration from Jeanette. The layout was also inspired by Jeanette. I'm calling this little mini kit American Beauty. I just has an americana feel to it. And I just had a fun time designing it. So enjoy! and Happy Scrapping

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Shell 2:49 AM  

Great mini kits! Loved them both. Thanks so much!

Lynn 3:36 AM  

Thank you! Love the blue papers!

Aly 6:36 AM  

Love the word art, especially! Thanks.

mm,  9:51 AM  

Thank you for sharing the mini kit. Your layouts are awesome. They have inspired me to try them with my pictures.

Anonymous,  4:20 PM  

Thank you so much for the American Beauty! I am going to try and find Cherish at our Library. sounds like it would be a good read! Need inspiration! Thanks again!

Anonymous,  4:21 PM  

Not anonymous!!!!!!that is me Sue
I can't figure out what is wrong with my Blogger account!!1

korib,  7:07 PM  

Thank you for the awesome freebie! Too cute...I love the word art.

rae_j,  7:11 AM  

I love this quote - thanks for reminding me of it.

Diginan,Liz 10:57 AM  

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us. :)

Nancy72,  2:03 PM  

Thanks so much...;o)

Tiffany 4:51 PM  

Cherish can also be found from any Close to my Heart consultant. The first issue is being sold at places like Walmart and the second issue can now only be purchased through a consultant. Each year when a new issue comes out, the old issue will be sold at stores. I used to be a consultant and I love CTMH designs and the way the pages are laid out. I loved to stamp and now love to digitally stamp.

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