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>> Sunday, April 22, 2007

Howdy yall... I hope you had a great weekend! I did. I decided to take it to spend some time with my family.. the weather was beautiful, and the kids were behaving, so I took advantage of it.. that doesnt happen to often around here..Lol. They weather man is expecting mid 70's tomorrow... I'm excited... that means yard work for me... I'm gearing up for my garden... I plant a large vegetable garden every year.. and I just love it...hmm.... I should do a gardening kit... hmmm... I will have to think on that one. :o)

Well, I was playing around with some stuff over the weekend and I came up with these cute papers.. I just love them.. I cant wait to do a layout with them.. I havent done a layout in so long. I really need to get on it. So much work, and so little time.. So here it is. Enjoy!

Link Expired

I just love the color combination in this one, dont you? And hey, I made my first set of grunge brushes this weekend also, I used them on the borders of this paper... Whatcha think? Pretty cook huh? I love making my own tools... thats the perks of this job... I love making everything separately, and then putting it all together to make these kits... I guess thats what makes us good huh?

Ok. you guys up for a cute story? You have got to check out Scrappy Pony's blog... you will bust up laughing... I know I did. Lol. You crack me up girl! and while you are there... go check out her store at Seasidescraps... she has the cutest Turquoise jewelry going on.. I wish I could wear it. :o( Check it out here... I think this is worth more than a dollar... better grab it quick before I talk her into raising her price. Lol.

Well, I hope you all had a great weekend! Enjoy! & Happy Scrapping!


RuthP,  11:09 PM  

I love this kind of swirly paper. Thank you

JaJue 12:50 AM  

Thank you :)

Joy 12:50 AM  

love love the swirl papers.. thank you.

Diana 12:55 AM  

Thank you so much!

Sharon,  4:41 AM  

The paper is very pretty! I am a gardener too...I'd love to see a garden kit!!!Thanks for sharing...hope you enjoy some warm sunshine and soil today!

timounette 4:55 AM  

thanks for sharing these sweet papers

Shell 6:55 AM  

These are great thanks

H.Green 7:07 AM  

You are awesome Kris! Thanks for promoting my jewelry :) Gorgeous papers today, too!

SAHM 7:37 AM  

Thanks much.

Scrapcat4914 11:48 AM  

TYS your awesome BG pack!!!

Sabrina,  8:02 PM  

Thanks for sharing these awesome papers. Love the colors that you chose.

Daniela 7:21 AM  

Thank you, this pack is all pretty!

Susan 10:38 AM  

VERY cool papers and great colors to work with. Thanks so much!

LVMommy22 2:03 PM  

these papers remind me of a kit we got when i was little. you floated some kind of paint on water and dipped paper into the dish to get swirls like this on the paper. it was messy and fun! tfs!
:) M
would LOVE a gardening kit!

mel 1:20 AM  

thanks so much for this paperpack! its awesome!
much love,

Chris,  5:21 AM  

The papers are beautiful! Thank you!

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