>> Monday, April 23, 2007

So I was need of some brackets today, and decided to play with some... I was amazed at how many different brackets I could come up with. Lol.. While playing I realized that I could make a whole entire kit of just brackets and give them to you. Lol. So if you didn't think you had enough brackets... check these out. I call these my Scribble Brackets... I hope you enjoy them. And as usual I would love to see some layouts done with them. :o)

Link Expired

Also, I decided to play around with a layout today as well... Now, don't fall out of your seat... I know its been awhile. Lol. I was shocked at how different life is just playing around with a layout. Its been so long, I thought I might have forgotten. But I guess its like riding a bike. I just jumped back on and took off... and realized I still knew how to do it. :o) So here is the results of the layout.

What really inspired this layout is a friend of mine made the pretty little flower, and I just had to do a layout just to use it... She did a pretty good job, don't you think? And it just happened to work well with my paper pack I just released yesterday...And isn't the darling singing just something else. I have another one coming of my son singing his heart out as well.. I swear I'm raising hams. Lol. In case you are wondering who the wonderful friend is that made that flower, you might want to see what else she's doing. Check her out here!


Shell 4:28 AM  

Thanks for the brackets. I should have checked my blog list this morning. I was hunting all over for some of these lol.

H.Green 10:02 AM  

These are too cute! Fabulous job on these, Kris :)

hzgrace 11:15 AM  

Thank you! Iam sure I will put these to good use. Blessings on your day

picscrappinstamper,  9:56 AM  

These are really cool. Thanks for sharing.

scoobie81 5:32 AM  

Adorable! So did she make the flower to go with your paper pack or your paper pack to go with her flower? LOL It turned out so beautifully!

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