Weathered Steel Brackets

>> Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I enjoyed making the scribble brackets so much, I thought I would offer you the Weathered Steel ones as well. There is something about the look of metal that I just really enjoy... Not sure what it is. Maybe its just me. Lol. (feel free to click on the picture for a larger view)

Link Expired

I've also got a special treat coming your way... its a little project that has touched my heart so much that I felt inspired to really do something special... You will see and understand very soon. Its turning into quite a large project, so its taking me awhile. Lol. I'm sure you've all had a project that started off normal, and then ballooned into this large project. Well, this is one of them... I seem to do this all to often though... Does that say something about my personality? Lol.

Well, enjoy your brackets. And dont forget about the scribble brackets below, your elements collection wouldnt be the same without them. :o) Plus, there are plenty of other freebies on this blog, feel free to take a look around, before the links become expired. Happy Scrapping!


Sabrina,  11:11 AM  

These brackets are really cute. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy72,  12:26 PM  

Thanks so much for all the're right...can never have too many...;o)

Scrapcat4914 2:19 PM  

TY so very much for your wonderful steel brackets

scoobie81 5:30 AM  

Can a person EVER have too many brackets?? LOL LOL Thanks so much, Kris!

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