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>> Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sorry I've been so quiet for the last few days.. I've been so busy learning new stuff, new program and all that goodies stuff.. Computer maintenance. All the great things that keep me going doing what I love. And since its been so chaotic, I was feeling the need for a little calmness in my life. So I presented it in labels. Cool huh? I also thought these would go great with the spa kit..Whatcha think? I like 'em.

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I wanted to give you guys a heads up on the Elements for the Bold & Cheery pack. I didnt get very many downloads of the Bold & Cherry paper pack... so I probably wont make the elements to go with... If you really want them, leave a note in the comments section. & I will try and get to them. Otherwise I will move on to something else. No use wasting time on something you dont want, when I could make something you really want.. . :o) Thank you all for your wonderful support... You guys are awesome, and really keep me going with all of your wonderful comments.


Anonymous,  4:04 PM  

love the tag freebies-being on a very short and ever so stretched disability check-these sure help me. many thanks, lr

Anonymous,  4:22 PM  

Leavin' some love! Thank you for the pretty lables! Love em!

... that LadyD! 5:14 PM  

these tags are really lovely...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous,  5:49 PM  

Thanks for the labels. Thanks also for Bold and Cheery paper!

Anonymous,  5:49 PM  

I love your designs. Please make elements to go with the Bold and Cheery papers. I thought that they were great and I've been looking forward to seeing more. Thanks so much for your freebies!

mamamaytag 6:30 PM  

I would love the elements also to go with your Bold and Cheery paper. And thank your so much for sharing these wonderful tags also.

Anonymous,  6:41 PM  

These are terrific!!!!! Thank you : D

LVMommy22 10:05 PM  

kris, 253 people downloaded your bold & cheery! you don't want to make 253 people cry now, do you? please please please make us some cheery ellies? can we have an alpha, too?
:) M

Nancy72,  10:43 PM  

OH! NO!!! I love the "Bold & Cheery" papers...maybe you could make just one or two elements...HUH!...could'ja...I'm baaaaad...;o)
I really appreciate these wonderful buttons...Thanks a bunch...;o)

nwfotobug 12:19 AM  

lvmommy22, you always know the right things to say... lol. I think Alpha is the perfect thing for that kit. I have this cute metal can vase I made for the kit.. but I'm at a loss what to put in it.. I think I'm having a designers block on that kit... sigh...

Anonymous,  1:20 AM  

These labels are fabulous!!! love
'em!!! Thanks loads for sharing!! :)

Monica,  5:30 AM  

These are wonderful...Thank-you very much

Anonymous,  8:44 AM  

Thanks for sharing your talent. I would like the elements to the bold & cheery paper. I have been checking back every since you released the papers. Thanks again.


Anonymous,  9:54 AM  

these are so unique! thanks so much, will definately use them!

Scrapcat4914 11:31 AM  

Thank you so very much for these fantastic labels!!!

Teresa P aka taslle 2:19 PM  

Thank you so much for the wonderful Labels. I truly love them. The Bold and Cheery Papers need your wonderful touch on the elements please. I think they would be an awesome addition. As well as maybe an Alpha (winks). Please please if you would. Thank you so much for all your sharing of your work.

Anonymous,  4:37 PM  

Love these peaceful tags. Thank you for creating and sharing them with us.

Anonymous,  11:41 PM  

Thanks for these oh so useful labels. They are lovely. cg

scrapsara 1:33 AM  

me too me too -- i want some stuff to go with the bold and cheerful paper pack too! i liked it!! you are one of my favorite blogs/designers, so i have to have as much stuff of yours as i can get LOL!!

Anonymous,  2:28 PM  

What pretty labels! Thank you so much for sharing, it is appreciated! BettyJoR

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