1st Hand Drawn Doodle

>> Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ok... I just had to share... I was so excited about this.. .I got my scanner fixed... thanks to my dad... (we had driver errors, not my specialty. lol) So I had to share my first hand drawn doodle...now please dont expect a lot... I"m not much of a drawer...but I was sure excited to get to scan something with the potential of turning it into artwork. Lol. Check it out! Cute heh?


H.Green 12:34 PM  

That is cute! You could make it a sticker, turn it into a brush, you've got endless possibilities! :)

CraZcat 9:45 PM  

very nice.. will look fwd to u incorporating them into ur kits!!

LVMommy22 11:22 PM  

kris you are so funny! of course we're all excited about your doodle! do you know what this means for us?! more cool freebies, lol! besides, the beauty of doodles is that they're supposed to look like a 10 year old drew them! you might even be a little too good ...
;) M
say hi to kari and tell her we miss her!

Amydeanne 8:43 AM  

it's very nice! My hubby bought me a pen that goes on your mouse pad; though I haven't quite totally figured it out, it potentially can do some of the same things w/o having to scan it in!

H.Green 1:45 PM  

oooh, go grab the newest free action 'cut out' from www.atomiccupcake.com and use it on that doodle. I bet that would come out GREAT :)

Heather,  12:47 PM  

Top stuff! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

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