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>> Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sooo... I wanted to share with you my first assignments that I completed for Elemental Scraps Element Team.. You really got to check these ladies out. My first assignment was called Passion Fruit. and here's the preview for the kit that I completed for it.. I actually started on an add on pack for this one.. so there is more to this kit that is not shown in this preview... like a silver dragonfly that just completed Rawked! I loved it.

My second assignment was called Watermelon Seed... I sure had fun making this one. The colors just scream fun to me. I was going for a kids feel on it.. and I think I nailed it. Every part of this kit was just a blast to make. I hand drew the watermelon and the watermelon leaf and turned them into puffy stickers.. btw, I'm just loving puffy stickers right now. And I have to say I'm notorious for my word art.. so I cant make a kit without word art. :o)

So what do you think? You like 'em? I'm pretty happy with them. I think I did a great job... I was impressed. I think there is a hidden talent inside of me that is just screaming to come out. :o) Good for you guys, huh? Well, if you want your chance to earn these you have to go to Elemental Scraps forum/Scrappers Alley and complete 4 challenges a month and post them in the gallery in the correct locations and these cute little kits will be combined with a few other designers kits and be given away for your enjoyment! Go to the link given here, check it out.. and go get your chance to win these little freebies... there is no luck involved. This is not random give aways. You complete a layout, you get freebies... simple as that. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out.. you know you are dieing to get your hands on these guys......


Anonymous,  1:42 PM  

Beautiful and oh so fun! I love both of them! I'm definitely going to check out the site to get the freebies (you know we all LOVE freebies!)


Anonymous,  4:11 PM  

I think both of these kits are great! Very different feels and style to each of them...shows how versitile you are as a designer. The watermellon one is my fav., though! I just LOVE your wordart--it ROCKS!

nwfotobug 9:16 PM  

thank you.. that one is my fav too. I loved that wa... I just love that kit all toghether. and thank you for the wonderful comments. I just love you guys.

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