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>> Sunday, March 04, 2007

I made some camo paper this weekend.... anyone interested in it? I cant decide if I like it the way it is or not... will you help? What do you think of the textures? I personally love the pink... you can see further down the page a layout I have done with the pink. I added some distressing to it. So the paper pack doesnt have it... Unless you think it looks better with it.... I cant decide with this paper pack. You tell me what you would rather have..... I would love to hear what you have to say!

Edited 3/5/07

Ok... you asked for it.. So here it is... I left the paper the way it is.. .It still includes the 3 bonus papers not shown... and I've included an overlay... with instructions on how to use it in Photoshop Elements... You should be able to do the same in other programs... But I do have to admit... I'm not familiar with the other programs.. Thank you all for leaving comments... I loved to hear what you like.. I want to make stuff that you ladies would like to use.. and you heard that... You ladies are awesome! Also, I got a couple requests for some other colors... and I didnt forget about you... I'm working on a second paper pack with more colors. Thank you, thank you... And here it is...

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Terri 10:52 PM  

its hard to see in the preview alone, but I am thinking it could use the destressing and some more texture. I could take a better look if you like. terriwalshdesigns@gmail.com

Terri 10:53 PM  

I should add that it is super cool, and I really like the pink too! :)

Joy 12:18 AM  

I love it the way it is.. I think it would be cute whatever you do.. very cute.

JillSF 1:21 AM  

Ilove it as it is - and yes, the pink is great (especially if you are hiding in pink marshmallow land). I would use them all.

Anonymous,  2:32 AM  

these are super, I could use them, i even do like the pink :)


SM,  5:14 AM  

Love the look of these, and the way they look distressed too. And i like the pink one too. :) My little granddaughter looks good in it. ;)

Have a good one.

Anonymous,  5:17 AM  

I think these turned out great! I think they look fine, but I think they would look good with a little texture too - either way, good job!

Selena 5:55 AM  



Anonymous,  6:42 AM  

My DD has a pink camo outfit - keep the pink! These are are great!! :-)

Lil~Binkey 7:25 AM  

I love them.. They are so Cool!!!
I would love to have them..


Anonymous,  10:26 AM  

Oooooh these look great! Trying to see from the preview and layout, I think either the distressed or non-distressed would look good. I'm not usually a fan of distressed so my personal wish would be leave them as is.

kat,  10:37 AM  

Very nice! I like the pink the way it is so I can choose whether to distress or not, but you could always include a grungy png overlay. I've got capris in pink camo! LOL!

Jamie 1:34 PM  

i think its great..i would love to do a lo with these..

LovelyMissKait 1:34 PM  

It looks great as is. Maybe you can include the distressing as overlays so we can use them at will.

Muka 1:40 PM  

i absolutely love them!! i think the texture is great - I personally like it without the extra texture you put on your layout - but as everyone else is suggesting, maybe if you include some distressing as pngs we can choose to use them or not, or layer them, etc. I really like that pink one too, and all the colors! it's such a fun camo pack..I would definitely love to have it!

Anonymous,  1:48 PM  

I love the pink one and think possibly it would look good in blue too so they could be used for baby layouts.
Could you make the design smaller? I could use the green ones for laying out some of my flower photographs if it were.

Lauren,  1:49 PM  

This camo pack would be fun to use - maybe add a separate overlay to add grunge? It's cool either way!

Kat 1:55 PM  

I like them both ways - so I am of no help to you *LOL*

IndyChick 1:59 PM  

I would love the camo!! My 16 yo daughter is always wearing camo something. I could really use it.

The Grubbs 2:04 PM  

I like the variety of colors!

Anonymous,  2:07 PM  

i love the brown one. it looks so cool.

Anonymous,  2:16 PM  

These are awesome! As the wife and mother of hunters, these would be awesome for layouts. Designers never think to create kits with camo lovers in mind. I like the distressed as well as the distressed. I would definitely use these. Great job!

DiAnn 2:25 PM  

My daughter is using a camoflauge tshirt much like this - hers is pale purple, grey and black -
Yours are nice

lukasmummy 2:49 PM  

I love the blue one, but I think they are all fabby xx

Brooke 2:51 PM  

Love these!!! For what it's worth, I like these the way they are (no distressing). My students have to wear camo pants to school - theirs are sort of brown/green/tan/black multi. That might be a cool paper if you're thinking of adding more to this.

Sylv,  3:13 PM  

I think the papers are great! I like them more with the distressing. Or, perhaps, offer without the distress on the paper but with a distressed overlay!?

Katharina,  3:55 PM  

the pink one is the best one!!! not just because of the color, but the texture is really good!!!

paintingsiggi 4:04 PM  

Wow, fantastic papers!! If you wanted to add a little more contrast to make the patterns POP :), you could add a little of a darker color ie. black. I believe Brooke mentioned that possibility. If you found black too harsh, you could try a very deep shade of the darkest colors in each paper, like brown, green, blue, etc.

Scratches and/or grunge are always neat, or even fading the papers - all over, or in random areas, just to make it look worn.

LOVE the pink camo - I've seen it in clothing, and it is so totally funky! :)

Great job!!

Anonymous,  4:26 PM  

I think these are great and the bolder the better. Well done. hsmema

Sharon-shutterbug 4:31 PM  

These are great, and I would definitely use them. I already have the photos in mind, LOL! Definitely keep the pink, and perhaps make the grunge an option.

Angelika 4:47 PM  

I love them the way they are. I'd like to see more non-distressed papers!

JenBreeze 7:03 PM  

Love them just the way they are!!

traci murphy,  7:11 PM  

Looks fab!

cinmcw 7:15 PM  

Awesome! I love this set!

Anonymous,  7:55 PM  

I agree that maybe you should leave them as they are and include a grungy overlay. Beautiful

WendyW,  8:54 PM  

I love the pink!!

Anonymous,  9:02 PM  

I think they are great and I would definitely be interested. I have family members that would love some layouts using these papers. Is there somewhere I can buy them? Email me: joympieri@gmail.com

Anonymous,  10:01 PM  

it is so hard to get good camo papers for traditional or digi....my hubby is in the aussie army and most things i find are for american military so its very hard to use.......so YES i would be interested in this pack ther coulurs are great......well done

JillSF 1:07 AM  

Thanks Kris - It is wonderful. I am so glad you decided to give it away! Thanks

Moni 1:37 AM  

Thank you so much for these cool papers:) i love it!!!

Anonymous,  2:20 AM  

Love the camo, thanks! :)

Stephe 6:06 AM  

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the camo paper. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

Mandy 7:39 AM  

Hi from the Oregon coast, lol! These papers look just awesome! I've been hoping to find some camo ones. These will definately come in handy with my hubby and sons.

H.Green 7:56 AM  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the paper pack. My white female great dane wears a pink camo collar and that paper will be PERFECT to do a layout of her with. Thank you so much for posting your wonderful paper pack freebie :)

Lil~Binkey 8:02 AM  

Thanks so much!!
I love them & my daughter will also..

Thanks so much again...


smileyface_108,  8:59 AM  

These are great. Thank you for sharing! :)

Melinda 10:10 AM  

Thank you! I've been needing some camo papers!

Anonymous,  10:41 AM  

Thank you, these are awesome

Heather 12:47 PM  

Thanks! These are great papers!

bneherzog,  2:35 PM  

Thanks for the paper. My twins (boy/girl) have some adorable camo outfits and I can't wait to use these papers!

Muka 3:15 PM  

thank you so much for sharing this!! still love the pink ;)

MelissaV,  9:48 PM  

Thanks for a great freebie! My daughter will love to see something made with this!

Jul1e,  6:38 PM  

Thanks soo much, just what I needed!

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