Spring Showers

>> Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ohhhh I was completely inspired by lvmommy22... She recommended some rain in a kit.. And well we live in rain country, so how hard could that be? Thank you lvmommy22! I was really struggling with what to make.. I was going for a bug kit... which you will probably see at a later date. But I couldnt pass up a good rain kit... lvmommy22 is right..they are hard to find. So without further a do. Here is your Spring Showers kit! Thank you so much for all your inspirations.. .they are truly a blessings.

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(and dont forget about all the other goodies below)


janmary from N Ireland,  2:22 AM  

Thanks for this - I live in Ireland so rain is very appropriate. Lots of rain here - thats why we are so green! Not raining today though...yet!

I found you from Kari's place - what a talented family

Anonymous,  7:26 AM  

Thanks so much for the rain set. Such a great idea!

Josie,  8:03 AM  

Thanks for the "rain"!

xashee's corner 8:40 AM  

i live in the desert and this year we didnt get enough rain at all!! lol this is perfect! thanks so much :)

Journey To Our Baby Sister.... 9:07 AM  

I love this kit..I made a really nice page using your kit with pictures of my son in the bath tub!!

RuthP,  11:25 AM  

I love the idea of a raindrop overlay. Thank You.

PSharp 11:54 AM  

Thank you for cute mini kit.

Scrapcat4914 12:14 PM  

Thank you so very much for sharing this really Awesome mini!!!!

Nancy,  1:07 PM  

What a great set! Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

Muka 1:55 PM  

i love this!! the raindrops look so realistic, thanks so much for sharing!! it is so adorable!

IkeaGoddess 2:12 PM  

Love the raindrops, thanks for sharing

Elaine,  2:41 PM  

Great idea! I love it. Thanks so much for sharing.

LVMommy22 3:39 PM  

oh kris! this is wonderful!!! thank you so much for making this! and i'm glad other people seem to like the idea too.
:))) M

Joanna 3:45 PM  

Thanks a lot for the pretty set.

Anonymous,  4:20 PM  

Thanks for "showers".

Glenda,  4:35 PM  

Cute freebie. Can't wait to use it. Thanks.

crosstown,  5:41 PM  

Thank you for the cute kit

Nancy,  6:18 PM  

Thank you so much!!! Love it...;o)

Anonymous,  6:56 PM  

Thank you - great for the April Showers bring May Flowers pages. Very neat overlay.

Cheryl,  8:32 PM  

I love the rain overlay, very creative! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

nancypinct 10:13 PM  

What a great idea - very unique! Thank you for this wonderful gift!

Anonymous,  10:33 PM  

How cute! Thank you so much for sharing, it is appreciated! BettyJoR

Webfrau 12:53 AM  

Very cool - love the rain overlay - that will get lost of use. Just found your rusty cowboy goodies too - they're great thanks.

imascholar2,  7:28 AM  

Such an excellent idea. I must go search for some pictures to go with this kit. A rainbow will work!

Anonymous,  7:47 AM  

These are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. Living on the west coast, we sure live in a rain zone.

Anonymous,  11:57 AM  

this is great! it will sure come in handy for those rainy day LO. thank you so much!

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