Spring Break

>> Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm in a creative mood, so take advantage of it... Lol. I wanna make something for spring break.. Do you have any ideas of what you would like? You guys always have such great ideas, I would sure love to hear what you have to say. What do you do on Spring Break? What do you take pictures of on Spring Break? Tell me what you would love to see, and I"ll see what I can put together...


Suzi 7:50 PM  

I always think of road trips and beaches for spring break. Thank you for all the nice things you share :-)

crosstown,  10:06 AM  

I always think mud for Spring Break. It is hard to keep the kids clean!

LVMommy22 6:41 PM  

i'm looking for some water stuff (you can do some rain boots so it will still feel kinda western, lol!). can you make some water drops that could be used for rain, pool, bath, whatever type of splashes? i know! ... you can make a big horse trough bathtub! can you work with this? i know you'll put a good twist on it; your stuff always turns out great! tfs! and for asking, too!!!
:) M

LVMommy22 6:43 PM  

i got to thinking about boots and i'm wondering if you could do a collection of boot sticker in the old '40's patterns that are so cute and collectable. just a thought ...
:) M

nwfotobug 8:21 PM  

Ohhh thats a good idea on the 40's style boots... you got my attention with that. :o) Let me do some thinking on it.. It probably wont be part of my spring kit.. but definetly will be something I look into.

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