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>> Monday, March 12, 2007

While working on another project this weekend... it came to me that you might like some elements to go with the Chris Ledoux Tribute kit. I mean really whats a mini kit without some elements huh? I can never have enough elements, personally.. they go with everything. I couldnt decide on some finishes with this kit, so you lucked out. I gave you a couple of options. Lol. Options are always good. So this kit is done in black felt and Rusted Metal.. Doesnt everyone need a black felt hat? :o)

Link Expired
(Dont forget the Chris Ledoux Tribute pack would work great with these elements.. see below.. its all free!)


Suzi 7:48 PM  

Thank you so much! I've got the rest of the stuff to go with it, I'm sure I will be using these :-)

Anonymous,  11:11 PM  

These are great! Thanks for sharing! :)

aha72,  12:25 AM  

Great! thank you very much.

Anonymous,  7:37 AM  

Thanks so much for the elements to go with this kit!! I love this.

crosstown,  10:02 AM  

Your work is wonderful and that is a great tribute to Chris. Thank you for sharing.

Scrapcat4914 11:09 AM  

Thank you so very much for sharing these great elements!

paintingsiggi 12:29 PM  

Thanks Kris, these are great!! :)

TNChick 12:32 PM  

Awesome western stuff!! Mucho thanks =)

Kelli,  1:39 PM  

Thank you for sharing these wonderful elements! I am always on the lookout for western designs!

PSharp 2:48 PM  

Great elements. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous,  3:59 PM  

ohhh I love the hat! I think your work is great...very original. Thanks sooo very much for your generosity!

Josie,  4:00 PM  

Wow, those are really cool rusty elements! Thanks so much!!

Side by Side 4:31 PM  

Thank you...I have the perfect photos to use with these elements and papers.

karin,  4:57 PM  

Thank you. I've been looking for a sheriff's badge.

Cheryl,  5:07 PM  

Thank you very much

LVMommy22 6:36 PM  

these are great! thanks a ton!
:) M

Myxi,  7:31 PM  

These puppies go well with the Chris Ledoux Mini Kit!!! Thank you so much. I loved all his songs, but my favorite song was the duet he did with Garth. "Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy?"
I'd turn 'em every way but loose...lol.

twoboyz00 7:45 PM  

Thanks so much for the great elements!

Lilaclady 9:20 PM  

thank you for the wonderful tribute kit! I am sorry that someone you admired is no more, but I'm sure he will always be fondly remembered by you and others always :-)

xashee's corner 8:37 AM  

thanks soo much for sharing your talents!! GREAT stuff!

Anonymous,  5:36 PM  

I love your western theme. It is wonderful for us country gals :-) and those that love Chris LeDoux

Side by Side 12:12 PM  

Hi, I wanted to share a layout I did with your paper and elements.


Thanks again for your items...they are wonderful.

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