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>> Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where does every one go to look for freebies on the web?


BeckyA 5:36 PM  

Ikea Goddess & Amy W.

Anonymous,  6:18 PM  

same as beckya...

Ikea and Amy... only

LizzieBeth,  6:58 PM  


www.scrap-a-lot.blogspot.com (AmyW)

Joan,  7:45 PM  

Boy we must be all followers. We have two gals that look after us really well. Thanks for asking. They are great for us non= desgners.

InstyScrap 7:53 PM  

I go to both Amy's and Ikeas but I also go thru the here:
http://topdigiblogs.fishscraps.com/. I also like to read everything there too.

Vblarney 8:53 PM  

I go to Amy and Ikea Goddess, but I also go to Digital Scrapbook Freebies (http://www.digidebz.com/freebies.htm), Heather's Stuff (http://heather-stuff-1974.blogspot.com/)and Foto and Scraps by Luna (http://fotoscrapluna.blogspot.com/)

LVMommy22 12:00 AM  

ikeagodess & amy-w.
:) M

LVMommy22 12:06 AM  

you are here today:

:) M

An 4:45 AM  

I am the owner of a yahoo group. In our group we send trough the links to the persons blogs and sites, so our members do not have to search but only have to click the link in the emails to get to the blog posts where you can download the freebies.
We try our best to respect the designers and do not support piracy.

Tommie 5:06 AM  

Also here; Ikea Goddess & Amy W, and a couple of forums (RAK) and Oscraps --> great hunts 4 freebies there.
And a few randomly found blogs that are on my favorite list.
And ofcourse visits to your site daily :)

Aly 5:49 AM  

I go to IkeaGoddess and AmyW too, but I also frequent DipDivas (since I scrap with DIP 10). They can be found at: http://www.dipdivas.blogspot.com/

There are also a few blogs that I visit regularly.

Thanks for asking!

AmyW. 9:11 AM  

A better question would be where don't I go. I have a list of sites, that's too long to mention, that I try to check everyday or at least every few.But you all seem to already know that I pass along what I find so we're all good.
P.S. Kris if you really want my list let me know and I'll email it but it's big.

H.Green 10:04 AM  

http://www.digiscrapdivas.com/forums/ has a section of their message board for listing freebies. http://www.misstiina.com/forum/ has a section of the message boards for listing freebies. http://www.theshabbyshoppe.com/forums/index.php in their forum under 'beyond the shoppe' at the bottom people list freebies. http://www.elementalscraps.com/forums/ under scrappin' banter you can list freebies. Along with heather's stuff, ikeagoddess, amy w., etc. :)

Raindew 10:34 AM  

I am another Amy W. and Ikea Goddess fan. I also have a list of regular blogs I visit like Traci Simms, Nanas Attic, Janniscraps, Mermaids Haven to name a few. I also go thru RAKS forums and get tons of stuff daily thru another forum that happens to be in my favorites under my other screen name. But if you are interested I can send you that link and any others you might want.

Nel,  10:40 AM  

Ikea Goddess and Digishoptalk Forums

Charlotf 11:42 AM  

The first one is :digishoptalk.com
After that I go to :
Amy W

Sunny1015 3:40 PM  

Ikea Goddess

Anonymous,  8:24 AM  

freedigitalscrapbooking.com is a great place. they have papers, elements, tags, alphas, and projects

snorkologist 9:29 PM  

First, I want to say that you really DO have Might Nice gifts for us...and you are sooo generous...;o)

I just found DigiShop Talk and now I go there first...then to Ikea & Amy...RAK Scraps.............

Thanks for everything, Kris...;o)

Pillowgirl 6:38 PM  

I always POST my freebies at Digishoptalk and am fortunate when Amy and Ikea Goddess find them and post them to their sites as well. Those are two very cool people to keep us all in the loop on freebies. I also put a little sign up on my blog for bloagarithm, it tells people when my site is updated so they will know when there is a freebie.

Insane_Scrappy_Girl,  8:39 PM  


Anonymous,  1:50 PM  

www.3scrapateers.com, www.scrapbookbytes.com, www.scrapbookflair.com, www.oscraps.com, www.scrapartist.com, www.shabbyprincess.com, just to name a few that I check out weekly. Happy scrappin' and happy hunting

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