Christian Easter Kit

>> Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I see so much stuff out their for Easter, but i havent seen much in the christian theme, so I thought I would put one out their. Dont get me wrong I like the cute ones with the bunnies, chicks and eggs also... btw, be on the look out for one I will be putting out the week before Easter... It keeps growing and growing. lol.

Also, just in case you wonderful people didnt know.. my lil sister is having a birthday this weekend (well, monday to be exact). I'm sure she is so excited that I'm telling you.. but you will be, because this weekend I will be posting a goodie every day in honor of her. With two goodies on monday, so be on the look out. You will like 'em.. I know she will because she has been wanting some for awhile. Tee hee hee. Btw, in case you dont know who my lil sis is, go check out her blog! She has a lot of goodies over their also. We're a pretty talented family!

So on to the good stuff. Here is my latest kit Christian Easter I hope you like it...

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Included is: 2 papers, 2 deco overlays, 2 elements, 1 journal element, 1 dove doodle, 3 word arts.

Also, dont miss out on the Girls night out kit & the Pretty flowers kit below... they are quite cute.

And last but not least... I will be out of town for a couple of days.. so dont worry.. I should be back by friday night to get my friday freebie out and then start on my sisters goodies on Saturday. Until then.. keep on scrapping!


Kim,  4:19 PM  

Thank you so much for the Christian Easter kit. It is beautiful and so refreshing. Great Job!

VJ's Scrap Room 4:44 PM  

Thank you so much for this wonderful kit..I love the wordart.:) Soo true! Very pretty.:)

Anonymous,  5:03 PM  

Thank you very much for this inspiring Easter kit. cg

Anonymous,  5:29 PM  

Wonderful kit. Thank you so much!

BeckyA 5:35 PM  

Love this! LOVE this!!! Thank you!!!

nanasdinky 5:37 PM  

I love this!!! Thank you so much!!

Sweet Pea 7:26 PM  

Thank you so much for this! I appreciate your emphasis on the true meaning of Easter/Resurrection Day!

Brooke 7:34 PM  

Oh I sooooo love this! THanks so much. I too love the cute stuff but for Easter I really love what you have done here!

RuthP,  7:59 PM  

Your are right, I really haven't seen any Christian easter kits (and I can only take so many cute chicks and bunnies). This is a really classy kit. Thank You.

PSharp 8:48 PM  

Thank you for the wonderful kit.

Anonymous,  9:06 PM  

Thank you so much for the great Easter kit. It is great to find something that shows the "true" meaning of Easter, not just eggs and bunnies. Great job!

Sharon-shutterbug 4:46 AM  

how wonderful to see some stuff that actually has something to do with Easter!! :) TFS

tnchick 7:46 AM  

I rarely see beautiful Christian items - this is nice. Thank You

Anonymous,  8:22 AM  

Thank you for placing emphasis on the work of the cross. Without Christ's sacrifice of love, where would we be? I try to let my scrapbooks reflect our family's faith, thanks for making it a little easier with lovely kits like this one...
In Him,

AmyW. 9:09 AM  

Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing!

DawnP 9:21 AM  

This kit is great! Thank you for it.

Josie,  1:05 PM  

Your kit is so wonderful. You're right, not much Christian Easter kits out there. Thanks for sharing yours!!

Anonymous,  2:52 PM  

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful Christian Easter kit. Love the overlays and textures. It is appreciated. BettyJoR

grambie 2:59 PM  

I really appreciate your sharing of this religious mini. This is the 1st I've seen so far. The wordart is so effective & the dove is just so beautiful. I thought of a gospel hymn I taught my Young Adult Choir years ago called, "If I had the wings of a dove, I'd fly to the utmost, way out into space, No, there is no hiding place." Thanks for the loving memory.

Joy 4:08 PM  

Thank you so much for this kit! I am helping direct a production called "Alive Forever" for Easter so this should be great for the photos!

Anonymous,  9:26 PM  

I was looking for something like this and absolutely loooove it! Thank you so much!

Anonymous,  11:19 PM  

Absolutely love this Christian Easter Kit!!!! It's profound and beautiful and Christ Centered! Thank you for making it! :) God bless and Happy Easter!!!!

Jen Ulasiewicz 1:01 AM  

This is beautiful, thank you so much! :)

crosstown,  12:20 PM  

Very nice to have this side of the easter season. TFS

Dixie 6:06 PM  

Grreat work!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!

Myxi,  9:50 AM  

This is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for making a kit that shows the true meaning of Easter. God Bless You!

Anonymous,  6:21 PM  

Beautiful kit! Thank you so much for sharing such a touching and refreshing kit.

Lucia 11:31 AM  

I have never seen a christian kit! this is BEAUTIFUL!! thank you!!

Lucia 11:31 AM  

I have never seen a christian kit! this is BEAUTIFUL!! thank you!!

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