Pretty Flowers

>> Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Its sure quiet out there? Well, I have been a busy beaver.. I just finished my easter kit that I'm so excited to give out the first week of April! It will be 5 parts.. so make sure not to miss it. I got a little carried away with it. Lol. I'm sure you wont mind.

I also have a surprise for my sister...but shhh dont tell her... Lol. You guys are all going to love it! Check back tomorrow, because I think I'm going to release it then...

But on to the goodies for today! I've been holding on to this one, because I dont like the preview for it.. it looks to busy. But each piece by itself are just awesome! the colors in this kit are really beautiful.. I really should start scrapping some of this instead of designing so much. I just love learning and every day has been so much fun. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. Its called.....

Pretty Flowers

Link Expired

Pst... dont forget the Girls Night out kit below... It is a hot one!


ccjanet 1:01 PM  

Really cute, I love the colors and the doodles.

Anonymous,  1:18 PM  

Love the Kit. I like how you add some phrases too. thanks again.

Anonymous,  1:37 PM  

Very pretty. Thanks so much!

renaenick 2:39 PM  

I love the doodles! Really CUTE!!!


shellshok 3:31 PM  

Thanks love the elements

Tommie 4:42 AM  

Thanks Kris,
Another great freebie !!!

Can't wait to start scrapping...

Lots of love from the Netherlands.


Ouhlalasouris 11:50 AM  

Thanks to share this sweet kit. :-)

PSharp 12:12 PM  

Thank you for the lovely flowers.

Joy 1:10 PM  

This us such a cute kit - thank you so much!

Glenda,  2:09 PM  

Thank you for the great kit. Love the colors and the doodles.

Anonymous,  2:58 PM  

just love those doodles in cool! thanks for the kit.

Sweet Pea 7:28 PM  

Thank you so much! It's beautiful!

Dixie 5:26 PM  

Love these three colors! Thanks

myscrapbook,  9:17 PM  

very nice kit.Love the elements.tfs

Myxi,  9:38 AM  

I love the doodles and the colors are so bright, thank you!

LouAnn 8:46 AM  

This is beautiful! And I LOVE The Christian Easter kit too - I'm glad to find it and thank you so much for sharing your talents.
Blessings to you!

Lucia 11:34 AM  

So girly, I love it! Thank you!

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