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>> Sunday, March 18, 2007

by request from a good friend, I came up with the cute little kit called "Girls Night out". I think it was a hint to get to me to go out. What do you think? Lol. It sure was a lot of fun to make, and as always I learn something new with each kit. I sure hope this learning process never ends! Enjoy!. Dont forget to check out my other goodies below.. the number is growing daily.

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Misty Cato 3:57 PM  

Cute set Kris! I agree - there is always something new to learn. That's one thing I love about this hobby.

Saab 6:00 PM  

Oh I so love this- TFS so very nice of you.

Anonymous,  9:21 PM  

Thanks for sharing!! This is soooo cute!


Lauri,  9:37 PM  

Thanks so much for the free kit - the little black dress is to die for!!

shellshok 3:43 AM  

Thanks for the kit. Love that lil black dress.

PSharp 9:46 AM  

Love these. Thank you.

crosstown,  3:48 PM  

Wish I could fit into that little black dress! TFS

Anonymous,  6:12 PM  

Really nice kit. Thank you so much for sharing.

Lourdes Manners,  11:49 AM  

Wow this is so cute. I love the black dress too. TFS!!!!!!!!!!

Pillowgirl 4:19 PM  

OH I LOVE THIS, and yes, I am shouting. I love it so much I want to go have a girl's night out just as an excuse to use it. Thank you!

xashee's corner 10:48 AM  

thank you! i LOVE Girls night out lol :)

Ouhlalasouris 11:48 AM  

Thanks for this kit, it's very nice :-)

Anonymous,  5:07 PM  

Thanks for this fun kit! cg

Sweet Pea 7:29 PM  

Very cute! Thank you,

Dixie 5:25 PM  

Awsome work - thanks!

Lucia 11:35 AM  

Love this!!! thanks so much!!

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