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>> Friday, March 02, 2007

So I am addicted to designing/creating this fun scrapbooking stuff. Now I just need to start scrapping with it.. Lol. "I need more time in the day" is what my sister always says. :o) I whipped these metal clips out today when I decided to take a break from another project I was working on. Whatcha think? I love 'em.

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Suzi 5:22 PM  

These are really cute! Thank you very much :)

VJ's Scrap Room 5:38 AM  

These are great! How cool:) Thank you soo much:)

AmyW. 6:58 AM  

Ohhh, these are neat, TFS!

hluebner 10:09 AM  

These are cute. Colorful & bright.

Anonymous,  2:07 PM  

Very cute and useful. Thanks!

Joanna,  2:13 PM  

These are great - thanks a lot

Scrapcat4914 3:59 PM  

Thank you so very much for these great clips!!

Nancy P,  11:32 PM  

Lovely, lovely clips! A great element that will really add to a page. Thank you for this wonderful gift!

Anonymous,  7:37 AM  

I love your freebies! Thank you so much. They are totally creative Thank you for sharing them.

Sara,  6:32 PM  

These are some of the snazziest elements I have seen on the net -- I love them!!!

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