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>> Monday, January 31, 2011

Howdy folks,

This challenge is a great opportunity to tell your story, your legacy. An opportunity for your loved ones to get to know you, and what made you who you are. I have created this challenge in a way that when finished will give you the ability to put all this together into a book. You can join in at any time, and finish at any time. The point is simply to create a series of layouts to make up your book.
The requirements: This is the easy part. The idea behind this challenge is simply to do it. There are no requirements. You do not have to use my kits. Simply create the layouts at your own leisure and have fun, that’s it.

Here are some pointers to help you be successful with this challenge.
• Involve others in telling your story. Sometimes remember everything from our past can be difficult. If possible, talk to other members of your family, and ask them about some of the details you need in writing your story.
• Lots of journaling. For some people, lots of writing is difficult. We all understand how that can be. But, in order to tell your story, there is some journaling involved. Don’t worry about the specifics of your writing skills. Its not as important as explaining who you are. The way you write, is a bit of an expression of who you are, and that’s what this project is about.
• Don’t stress the time line. Don’t stress the time line on this project. It doesn’t matter if you get all the layouts done in the order they are posted, or if you get them done before the next one is posted. Take your time. When telling your story its important that you get it done the way you want it.
• Keep yourself motivated. We all understand how hard it is to commit to a project, because we are worried we wont get it finished, and don’t want a bunch of unfinished projects. To help you with your challenge, recruit a friend that can help keep you encouraged to work on your layouts. We hope that everyone here will share their layouts and help create the community to encourage others to join in on the fun, and complete all the layouts to have their own book.
• Extras. Each week there will be the basic challenge, one of the pertinent pages needed for your book, and later in the week will be an extra page that will be just be fun in order for you to add to your book with your own flair. The idea is that you can work at your own pace and have plenty to do.

Now go have some fun,
Kris Myers Designs


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