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>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Howdy Folks,

Well first let me just say, that i was thrilled over the amount of participation on this contest. I was surprised that so many people wanted to take take part. After the exhilaration wore off, I was soon left with shock over how many good names their were and how hard this was going to be to narrow down. This was no easy task! I had to really narrow this down.

Let me start with the original names that I started with to narrow down. I really liked these names, but their could only be one name in the end.

1.) Creepy Crossing
2.) Fright Night
3.) Signs of Hallow
4.) Buy at your own risk.

Now let me explain why I made my choice. I loved "Buy at your own risk" but I was concerned their would be people who wouldn't purchase it because of the name. I cant have that, that is why I designed it after all. :o) "Fright Night" was my original choice name for this kit, and though I love the name, i didn't think that it really fit this kit. So as Bobbie said, looks like I will have plenty of kits to make after this one. Lol. So now its down to Creepy Crossing and Signs of Hallow. This was hard, because both of them really describe this kit.

But in the end "Signs of Hallow" is the winner. Now I bet you are looking through the list and wondering, who picked that name? right? well, it was actually a combination of two people that came up with this name. But it was Jenny who inspired it with "Signs of All Hollow's eve" & Chigirl came up with "Signs of Halloween". So I combined the two with my own lil style and came up with "Signs of Hallow". So in all fairness, both Jenny and Chigirl won this kit. Congrats girls! Please email me at krismyers@plaindigitalwrapper for your kits.

If you are interested in purchasing this kit, it is available now in the my store at Plain Digital Wrapper, come on by! As always it is on sale as soon as it hits the store, so be sure to come by and take a peak!

Thank you so much for all of your help in naming this kit. This was fun, and I enjoyed reading all of your name ideas. Don't forget to sign up on Feedblitz, to your right, to stay up to date on all that happens here on my blog. I look forward to chatting with you all in the future.

Feel free to leave me a note in the chat box on the right as well. Its a fun lil way to pass notes. :o)

Thank you again folks,
Happy Scrapping,
Kris Myers Designs


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