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>> Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yep, you heard me right! I cant seem to come up with a creative name for this kit. A name someone else hasn't already used, a name that is unique enough to fit my style. So I need your help! The name can not already be used at the store I sell at Plain Digital Wrapper, and I prefer that it not be anywhere else, though I know you can't know what everyone else is doing, but googling does help. To help get an idea of my style please check out my store. Please, help me.

The person who comes up with a name that I just love by Tuesday, October 28th, at Midnight (PST)or before, will receive this kit for free. But its only going to one person. So leave your ideas in the comment section of this post, and I will monitor as the days go. As soon as a name is picked, I will announce it here. So no worries, I wont leave you in the dark.

Here's the previews:

Element Pack

Paper Pack

I'm looking foward to hearing your creativity!!!


For the love of digi scrapping 6:36 PM  

* Something Wicked This Way Comes
* Enter, If You Dare
* Easily Scared

charming4106 4:40 AM  

spooky rendezvous
tricked out treats
sweet streets

Marcia,  5:09 AM  

I like Boo Crossing. This is a really neat kit.

Liz,  5:43 AM  

How about "Pirate Zone"?

Melberry 5:45 AM  

Such good names so far -- well done, ladies!! Just adding a few to the mix:
Hallowed Haunts
Ghostly Crossroads
Haunted Crossroads
Places That Go Bump in the Night
Great job, Kris!
Melanie's Digital Creations

liz,  5:46 AM  

Or how about "Creepy Zone"?

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 5:47 AM  

AWESOME kit!!!!!
How about "which Way to Bootown?"


I love it. I propose:

* Attention danger
* Hellish house
* Witchcrafts
* Creepy atmosphere
* Le rendez-vous maléfique
* Rendez-vous au cimetiere
* Haunted resort

Dracowin 6:09 AM  

Shiver Me Treaters (it has a pirate-ish feel)
Haunted Hallows
Who Ghosts There?

Anonymous,  8:03 AM  

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter
(from Dante's Divine Comedy)

Lori 8:08 AM  

Such great names! How about
Creepy Crossing?

nwfotobug 8:33 AM  

I'm loving these names! Keep 'em coming folks!

Janice 8:54 AM  

How about
ookie and Spooky Halloween Kit
Truth or Scare
Fun and Frightful Night

Jean,  9:36 AM  

My suggestion is....

Fright Night

Jean,  10:26 AM  

LOL! I just thought of a couple more. How about...

Ghosts In The Graveyard
Graveyard Ghouls

and I may be back again :)

Hurklecat,  11:52 AM  

Bony BOO-levard?
The Night Fangdango?

Jill 12:48 PM  

Ghostly Boneyard
or Ghostly Graveyard

chigirl 12:48 PM  

Cute kit, how about
Signs of Ghosts or
Signs of Halloween

Tara 12:48 PM  

How about "Witch Way" or a"Witch way is Witch"

Nathalie Kerr 12:49 PM  

How about
Spooky Tears
Spooks Crossing
Kris' Dangers
Hallow'd Crossings
Hallow'd Dangers

I'll be back I'm sure, love the kit!

ordie 12:57 PM  

My guess would be
Spooky Vale

Deni 12:59 PM  

"Which Way to the Crypt?"

withnuts,  1:04 PM  

Here are my suggestions:

Haunted Halloween
Haunted Howl-O-Scream
Creeping into the Crypt

Suzette 1:06 PM  

What a great looking kit! My suggestion:
Pirate's Halloween Booty

Linda 1:25 PM  

Ghastly Ghostie Goodies

Bootiful Day in the Neighborhood

Blynn 1:47 PM  

How about ....Tombstone Alley

Anke 1:47 PM  

I would like
Road to BooTown

tajicat 1:49 PM  

Great kit! :)
Haunted Autumn/Fall
Hallowed Fall/Autumn
Graveyard Tour
Haunted Graveyard
Spirit of Halloween
Ghoulish Fun
Spookin' Fun
Twilight Tricksters

EnchantedCropper 1:54 PM  

Frightful Night of Halloween

Sassapphras 2:10 PM  

Booware or Boo-ware
Hallowed Feet
Signs of Chaos
Ghost Town
Haunted Warnings
Buy At Your Own Risk (instead of Enter At Your Own Risk)
Warning Signs

Jenny,  2:12 PM  

How about:

Graveyard Fright
Signs of Fright
Signs of All Hollow's Eve

tasseau{Martillo} 2:15 PM  

how about Spookville USA


Sassapphras 2:17 PM  

Fear Way or Fear Ways
Haunted Way or Haunted Ways
Scare Street or Scare Streets
Random Haunts

puffinliz 2:27 PM  

Many good ones out there, here is mine:

Tricker's Treats

vivian 2:30 PM  

I've thought of a few for you.


Kez Creates 2:50 PM  

very cool kit! My name ideas:

Bone Chiller
Rattlin' Bones
Skeletal Shivers

Anonymous,  2:56 PM  

How about 'Signs of Fear" or Ghouls, this way.

Donna (echoes77(at)

Barb 2:56 PM  

Love all the suggestions. I have a strange one. How about

Give me a name before I take yours.

Jennie,  3:05 PM  

How about Graveyard Jaunt? Love the kit!

Em 3:16 PM  

A Haunting We Will Go

charming4106 4:17 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
charming4106 4:25 PM  

no treats for triksters
tricky treats
harvest haunts
howling hallows
makeshift marauders
beware a scare
happy haunts
creepy cretins

ksmcintire 4:25 PM  

Fall's last Breathe
by Sue McIntire or

diney 5:34 PM  

How about:
Sign, sign everywhere a sign!
Can't you read the sign?
Signs of the times!
Sign-up for excitement!
Ex-signingly goulish!
Exit sign, this way!

You really have a tough decision, lots of exsigningly good ones!

Suzee 6:10 PM  

Here are mine! So many good ones so far!

Monster Mash
Boogieman Blues
I Put a Spell On You
Tales from the Crypt
Spirits & Spooks
Gravediggers Dance
Ghosts, Goblins & Ghouls
One Scary Night
Sleepy Hollow

dianalyn,  6:24 PM  

Wicked Fun Halloween

eklektikkolorddreamz 6:27 PM  

How about...
Haunted ScrappyVille
Happy HauntyVille
R.I.P (Rest in Scrappy Pieces)

Belanna 7:39 PM  

How about:

Spectre-fying Spooks
Hocus Spookus
Spooksville Central

Great kit!!!

ciocichar 7:41 PM  

All great names ladies!

How about "Enter If You Dare"
"Dare To Enter"
"At Your Own Risk"
"I Dare Ya!"
"Dare To Scare!"

Great names ladies!

Melissa 9:24 PM  


CrazyMommy 5:59 AM  

Haunted Landscape

DigiMo 6:44 AM  

This is different, helping name a kit. Great enteries everyone.
Throw me int0 the mix with...

You've been Warned!

jackie 1:02 PM  

*Down Spooky Lane

ß°þþìë 5:29 PM  

WOW Kris, this is going to be difficult.. What great names... now if you could make a kit for each one...LOL just joking!!

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