Christmas Cookie Exchange Recipe Contest

>> Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ohhhh another contest! I just love them!!! Can you tell? Ok, this one is a little bit different, here's how it starts:

So you need to use any one of the three Christmas Cookie Exchange kits at The Christmas Cookie Exchange Collection Kit, the paper pack or the Element pack, most of your layout should be from one of these kits. You can use other items for other peoples kits, though I of course would love to see all of it, its not mandatory.

Your layout needs to include a recipe! It doesnt have to be a cookie recipe, it can be any recipe you like. Though who doesnt love cookies...I know I love them...and I sure wouldnt mind some more recipes. hint...hint..... lol.

Now this part is important: All layouts need to be in the recipe gallery at in order to qualify. My Creative Team is going to be judging this contest, and this is where they are going to be looking. On December 19th, 2007 at Midnight, the contest will come to a close, and all eligible contests will be narrowed down to two. My Creative team will be deciding those winners, this contest is completely up to them. They will be choosing a winner by the style of the layout, not necessarily the recipe. After they have narrowed it down to the two winners, One person will be chosen as our 1st place winner and will receive a $20 gift certificate to my store at PDW, & one person will be chosen as our 2nd place winner and win a $10 gift certificate to my store at PDW.

Agian the contest will close on December 19th, 2007. On December 20th - 21st, my ct will be deciding on the winners. I will be notifying the winners by Private Messaging at PDW, anywhere from the 20th - 22nd. On the 22nd of December I will be notifiying the world who the winners are.

Here is a preview of the kits:

Now this is where the contest gets really fun...the first 8 people who send me an email saying they are interested in participating in this contest will receive the whole collection for free! Now there's a catch, you have to promise to complete one or more layouts for this contest & post them to the recipe gallery at PDW before the closing date! Thats it! I will let you know here on the blog when I've received the first 8 people, and then it will be closed to anyone else. So hurry, its first come first serve!
Btw, my email addy is
Now what are you waiting for? Christmas? Lol...
All Spots have been filled! Good Luck everyone!


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