>> Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ohhh so many new announcements over at Actionfx. You wont believe all the great stuff that Al has to offer. If you have never been here, I invite you to go check it out. This is the ultimate resource for designers. I cant even begin to tell you all that you can get here with a membership. Especially for Digital Scrapbook Designers. Actionfx creates layer styles, shapes, brushes, tutorials for all of your scrapbooking needs. With a membership you have unlimited access to all these Photoshop tools. He has trail memberships and full memberships that will let you check out what he has. Are you worried that your stuff will start looking like everyone elses if you use it? Well dont, there are so many different tools that there is no way that you would be using all the same tools. Plus he adds stuff very frequently. I've been a customer for only a few months, and I'll tell you that I cant keep up with what he uploads. There is so much to choose from. Actionfx has over 102,320 tools for your use. And he still adding. I invite you to check it out. Simply click on the banner on the right hand side of the screen, it will take you directly to it.

Also with constant improvements and updates to his site you will want to stay on top of what Al has to offer. Here is a new change that has been made to his site just recently that was sent in a newsletter.

UPDATE 09/24/07: The new ActionFx Pay-Per-View store is open for business!

It has been requested for a long time, and now the PPV section isLive. Now you can purchase individual packages of items both in themembers area and some that are exclusive to the store. The firstsection activated today is the Digital Scrapbooking>Photo Framesbundles. Over 100 Photo-Realistic Photo Frames designed specificallyfor Digital Scrapbooking Pages in packs of 10.

Each set has:
-5 Full Color Photo-Realistic Frames
-5 Grayscale Versions of the same-300 ppi
-.PNG Format
-Transparent Backdrop... ready for instant placement on your pages
-Easily manipulated and Customized with your favorite Photo EditingSoftware
An entire pack of 10 Frames is available in a single .Zip file
You will be hard pressed to find anything comparable to the quality ofthese frames.

---Only $8.00 for a full set of 10 Frames--- Far cheaper than most,especially when you see the quality of these incredibly realistic frames.

You may find out more about these frames by following this link:

More to come, so please stay tuned! What will be online very soon:
-Digital Scrapbooking: Embellishments, Ribbons, Buttons, Bows, Papers,Overlays, Photo Frames, Alphas and more
-Photography Related items: Actions and other presets-Photoshop Presets of all kinds
-Adobe Photoshop Elements Presets-Training Videos to instruct you on the wayMuch much more!
Thanks Al.

You dont want to miss out on all these great features! Whether you are new or you've been around for awhile. This site will have all the latest and greatest for the Digital Scrapbook Designer. So swing on by and check it out. Click on the banner in the right hand side bar, and it will take you directly there. :o)


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