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>> Saturday, July 28, 2007

I cant believe today is Friday! Well technically speaking its Saturday! What happened to this week! So much has been going on, that I cant believe it got away so fast. Lol.

So you saw our sale! I hope you got a chance to partake in all the goodies! What did you think of that Make a Splash kit? Isnt that awesome. I really love that kit. And I can tell my creative team does as well, because they have put out some beautiful layouts with it. Lol. Check these out! Arent they awesome! I just love them! Those kids are cute too. Lol.

Layout by Jacquie

Layout by Brook

Layouts by KariQ

Since I love this kit so much. I've got a little something for you. You are going to love these. I personally love the frame. I dont know how it jumped out of the kit and made it in the freebie folder. But it did. Lol. Just joking. I really just love this kit. and cant quit looking at it. So if you have more layouts with it. Please share. I would love to see them! Here's a freebie for you for looking.

Upon downloading this freebie I ask only two things. Please tell your friends about it and leave me some love. Thats it. See... that wasnt hard! Please spred the wealth and love. Thank you.

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Scrapcat4914 9:02 AM  

TY so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous,  7:27 PM  

This is perfect for all those summer photos!! Thank you so much!!!

Maria 6:19 AM  

Thank you so much for your free work! We all appreciate it! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at

Brook 8:24 AM  

This is a great freebie! I love it! This kit is just too much fun to work with!!!!

gailfort,  4:16 AM  

Thank you! Very cute elements.

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