Friday the 13th....

>> Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ohhhh this is supposed to be such a scarry day. And I guess some would view my story that way, but I dont see it that way. 6 years ago today I was in the delivery room (yep, it was friday the 13th then too) delivering my beautiful baby boy! Wanna see him? Well check this out!

Credits: Paper from Dad's Day by Me (at SDS) and frames are Variegated Metal Cluster Frames by Me (at SDS), the # 6 is from Actionfx Alpha shown below!

Time sure flies by fast! I cant believe its been 6 years already. Isnt he handsome?! I love my lil' boy so much! And today he was so awesome! On his best behavior all day! He made for a perfect birthday! I hope all weekend remains this way! His best friends birthday party is tomorrow and his on Sunday! A Cars birthday party. Wait til you see the cake I'm going to make! That is my challenge every year. To make an awesome cake! This year he requested some homemade Strawberry mint ice cream! How do they remember these things at only 6? Well, its in the fridge getting ready for final stages of Ice cream. (thank you mom for the ice cream maker!) Btw, most of my cakes have been ice cream cakes. None of us our real fans of regular cake. Lol. I think its because it gets so hot in July every year. I just started making my own the year before last. and last year I started making my own ice cream for them as well. I know I'm sick to want to do it. But I love it. I wish you could taste it! They are to die for. Last year was blueberry cheesecake and Strawberry mint!


Tammy Dunlap 7:03 AM  

Great page!!! What a cutie!

Brook 10:08 AM  

What a great LO. I love b'day pages. The kids always look so happy. Our babies just grow up way too fast!

babydoe 12:53 PM  

Looks like Friday the 13th was a very lucky day for you. He's darling. Yum--homemade ice cream. I just made some last week with some of the fresh peaches I got from the orchard stand when I was in E Texas. Nothing better!

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