Retro Paper Pack!

>> Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yep, you guessed it. Its another freebie. Lol. I wanted to make you all something for being so patient with me. And 'cause I'm feeling a little retro. That is what you got. Lol. Some of you are thinking retro? really? Well, every girl has to have her day right? Lol. I guess thats what makes us artists. Also, in the spirit of our Grand Opening coming up this weekend. I just had to do it in our store colors! So here it is Retro Paper Pack

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Sarebear 6:27 AM  

Sweet! Retro is one of my favorite themes and styles (partly cause it can be many different eras!, mostly post WWII I think, tho! Before that it's called, well, 1930's, Depression era, or earlier stuff).

Anyway, LOVE this! Thank you.

rachel 11:18 AM  

Thanks so very much!!! LOVE em, esp the brown with circles!!!

Good luck with your CT!!! I manage Tina Williams CT,a nd we just had an amazing CT call...our girls are just amazing! HOp yours are just as wonderful!!!

Thanks again for your fantastic freebies!!! Oh,you got my design resource freebie list, right? Just in case you didnt', here's the email to let me know and I'll send it to ya!

Happy creating!!!

Cynthia 12:29 PM  

Very nice papers ! thanks !

Pascaline 1:29 PM  

Thank you!!! If you want I've got a little freebie for you on my blog...

The Grubbs 1:35 PM  

Thanks for the great papers! the colors and designs are awesome!

Anonymous,  2:07 PM  

Retro is such a fun look. I especially love that brown paper! Thanks so much!

Melissa,  5:09 PM  

These are great papers! thanks!

Anonymous,  7:54 PM  

Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and try something new...I think this will be great! I'm eager to get started! Thank you for sharing.

Sabrina,  10:35 AM  

Thank you for sharing these fantastic papers.

Anonymous,  8:41 AM  

These will be fun to play with. Retro is! Thank you for sharing. You are very generous.

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