Embroidered Alpha

>> Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ok..Selena is reading my mind. Lol. When I created the texture papers, I decided to make these embroidered alpha also... So Selena, if you are reading this, quit reading my mind. You might get scared on what you find. Lol. But anyway, I thought I would post these cute little guys, and let you know they will go great with the Journey to Wellness mini kit..So here goes...

Embroidered Alpha
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Nancy72,  9:09 PM  

Thank you, Kris...this alphbet is so pretty...;o)

I had a rotten day today
...developed a new physical problem which I need to medicate for...probably for the rest of my life...then I had a fight with my DH of 50 years because I want a dog and he doesn't...it wouldn't be any fun for me if it isn't for him...seeing this soothing blue alpha actually put a smile on my face...;o)

Anonymous,  3:34 AM  

thank you for the freebie

Anonymous,  6:36 AM  

Gorgeous! So much attention to detail...I love it!

Kristy C

Scrapcat4914 9:42 AM  

Awesome TY very much!!!

mel 3:52 AM  

thanks kris, awesome!
much love,

Anonymous,  5:46 PM  

These are very nice! Thank you so much.

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