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>> Monday, April 02, 2007

My girlfriend Teri took me to Carson's Hot Springs for my birthday... and ohhh what a treat. It was awesome. WE had mineral baths, wraps & massages.. If you've never had one, ohhh are they worth it. And if you are ever in the Pacific Northwest, I recomment Carson's Mineral Hot Springs. Its rustic and quaint, but it is worth it. They have brand new hotels in, and they are really affordable. We will be going back for Mother's day, to treat our selves.. Make a day of it. You wont regret it. So this kit was inspired by this retreat of ours. I hope you find some use for it. I really enjoyed the colors and the making of this kit. I especially enjoyed branching out into some new elements.

Included in this kit are 6 papers, 4 tags, 1 massage oil bottle, one plaque, one envelope, two doodles, two word arts.

This kit had to be put into two different zips, because of the size... I didnt want to jeopardize the quality, so I left them the size I normally do. I apologize for the inconvience.

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Stay tuned this week for my Easter kit... A preview will be shown tomorrow with links posted Tuesday through Saturday for each piece of the kit. Happy Scrapping!


sharon,  4:39 AM  

I love it!!! Two downloads is NOT an inconvenience! :o) I appreciate your efforts!

Kelly 5:07 AM  

Great colors, thanks so much for sharing it!

Anonymous,  10:53 AM  

Love this kit; thanks so much!

Joy 11:30 AM  

Love it... thank you so much.. and I have been there.. Yahooo... last I think it was two summers ago.. my daughter took me.. .ohhhhh I loved it..and I had a hot stone massage.. heaven.

nwfotobug 12:02 PM  

Joy... I didnt know they had a hot stone massage.. guess I'll have to check that out for mothers day. :o)

Scrapcat4914 2:10 PM  

Thank you so very much for this awesome kit!!!

Shell 2:57 PM  

Thanks so much for the peaceful & serene kit

Valerie,  3:02 PM  

What an awesome kit. I can just feet the peace. Thank you...great job

Glenda 4:24 PM  

Sounds soooooo inviting. Just where is this place? I live in Idaho - where do I go from there? Thanks for the kit - I'll get it made for my picture. Send directions to this heaven on earth!

Anonymous,  7:52 PM  

Thank you for the kit and the dreams you brought to mind. cg

Lucia 11:14 AM  

Love it, thanks so much!!

Anonymous,  12:12 PM  

Love the soft and relaxing!!! Thank you so much for sharing, it is appreciated!!! BettyJoR

Elaine,  10:28 AM  

Oh please, why would you apologize for making a huge kit that you have to split to 2 downloads? The only inconvenience I see is to you. All the work that you put into the kit and then splitting it and uploading it twice. Thats what I see. Thanks you so much for all your hard work. This is a beautiful kit, love the colors and I just love that doodle.

Anonymous,  12:03 PM  

Very pretty kit. Thank you for sharing.
Kathy M

FearlessDiva,  10:08 AM  

Hi Kris! ~ I'm literally down the street from you! Ain't that something?!! LOL Ain't Oregon grand?!! I love the Carson Hot springs! They are fantastic and you just gave me a GREAT Mothers Day Idea! THANKS for the awesome kit and hope to see more of your creations. I'm just a newbie @ this but already HOOKED!

picscrappinstamper,  10:01 AM  

Oh, very nice kit. Love the colors, just everything about it. Thank you so much. I really appretiate your freebies and to read all about you and your sister. Thank you so much.

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