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>> Monday, April 02, 2007

Well here it is.. my new easter kit. This kit will be released in 5 separate packs. One each day from today until Saturday.... the preview shows all 5 packs. I hope you enjoy this... I sure did enjoy making it. Look foward to hearing your comments on this one.

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Thank you for coming back and getting your downloads.. it means a lot to me that you all keep coming back for more.
Thank you for your comments... I love hearing from you all.


Ouhlalasouris 2:49 AM  

Thank you, this kit is adorable. :-)

nanasdinky 3:47 AM  

Absolutely beautiful!!! Cant wait to get it all!!!

mamamaytag 5:32 AM  

So pretty. Thank you for sharing it.

malacima,  6:30 AM  

adorable!Beautiful colors and love the stamps!!!

PSharp,  9:17 AM  

Thank you for part 1 of your beautiful Easter kit.

Lucia 11:12 AM  

So pretty! I cant wait to get the rest!

Scrapcat4914 12:46 PM  

TYS part 1 to this beautiful kit!!!

Peggie 6:04 PM  

This is so pretty. Thank you.

orachel54 10:59 PM  

HEY THERE! I just discovered your blog today (thanks to designsbyselena's blog!) and I LOVE your work! Spa kit is just fab. I don't even know ya and I'm gonna ask you for a HUGE favor.

I'm doing this altered art easter gift for my mother in law...I'm not into "easter-y" stuff at all, and have been online all day hunting for easter elements that aren't icky cutesy. I've literally been hunting since about 11am, and its 2am the following day now..haven't found anything I like (that's clearly eastery) till your kit! I know you're doing a dl a day...is there any possible way you could list the stamps within the next day or so? If so, I'd be just incredibly thrilled. Prob only elements I'll use will be stamps and tags as I'm doing a frame thingie for the gift.

Thanks so much if you can post em soon...if not, no biggie, I'll just do something else for her gift and send her the frame with your stuff after easter (we're leaving to go to their house Thursday, which is why I'm in such a hurry).

Thanks you! I have a feeling I'll be hopping into your blog very frequently.

You've officially got a fan!

mel 3:27 AM  

hi kris! thanks so much for sharing! its lovely.. much appreciated, love mel xxxxxx

Anonymous,  5:46 AM  

Love the stamps!

teak,  6:59 AM  

beautiful thanks

Mollie 1:25 PM  

Kris, this is so pretty...especially the stamps. Thanks so much for sharing:)

orachel54 4:06 PM  

ROCK ON! You are the Goddess of Scrap! Thanks so much! Off to get out the petal porcelain (this cool brush on liquid porcelain...coolest craft supply ever) and make some gorgeous porcelain easter stamps, then stick em together and make a porcelain easter frame for the inlaws!

Thanks so much for the early link! Whoohoo!
-rachel kendall

orachel54 4:10 PM  

Just thought of this. I'll take a pic of finished product and send you the link if I can. Actually, if you want one, just lemme know and I'll gladly make a second and mail it to you. Might as well get something out of your creative generosity, huh? lol

nwfotobug 12:08 AM  

Ohhh Rachel.. that would be awesome... I would love it.. I will send you my mail addy.. u r awesome.

Anonymous,  7:10 AM  

Kris, can't tell you how much I'm lov'in this kit! the stamps are to die for! sooo neat thanks again.

Scrapcat4914 9:55 AM  

Thank you so very much for the wonderful tags & stamps!!

PSharp,  11:34 AM  

Thank you for the wonderful stamps and tags to your beautiful kit.

Anonymous,  12:13 PM  

Thank you so much for the cute Easter kit, it is apprecited! BettyJoR

Christine,  3:36 AM  

Thank you so much.

Lots of luv


Anonymous,  7:18 AM  

Thanks so much for the chipboard frames!

Anonymous,  7:58 AM  

thanks for the next installment! love these frames...so very cool! can think of many ways to use them.

Blesha 9:43 AM  

Thank you for this kit. It's so sweet. I'll sure enjoy this a lot.

Anonymous,  12:01 PM  

Wow! This kit is adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your talent.
Kathy M

fran b 12:25 PM  

Thanks! Absolutely gorgeous!Can't wait for the next part!

jewlsntexas 1:14 PM  

I noticed you are a scrapper and a blogger. I am starting up a new Scrap Happy Meme - and wanted to invite you. I hope you'll stop by: http://jewlsntexas.blogspot.com/2007/04/scrap-happy-meme.html

Sheri 8:35 PM  

Thanks so much - LOVE this soft, sweet kit!!

Anonymous,  11:13 PM  

So cute...love it! Especially like the stamps. Thanks so much! cg

Nancy P,  11:28 PM  

Such a nice kit - lovely colors and very nice elements! Thank you for this very nice gift. Happy Easter, too!

Ally S. 1:07 AM  

Thanks so much!! This kit is absolutely adorable :)

Joanna 2:15 AM  

The gems were a perfect end of the wonderful kit - thanks a lot.
Happy Easter!

sb,  3:18 AM  

thank you for this lovely Easter kit.

Anonymous,  5:11 AM  

Kris - Thank you for this beutiful kit - one of the loveliest Easter ones thatI've seen! Can't believe you already have another kitin the works - you are amazing girl! Have a wonderful Easter!

peggy,  5:18 AM  

Thank you for your work I love your kits :)

Joan,  7:09 AM  

at downloads. Love your work. Thanks for sharing. Gre

jewlsntexas 8:22 AM  

To answer your questions about the Scrap Happy meme - You post your scrapbook page to your own blog - get the link for that particular post - and you go to my blog - find the current week's "Scrap Happy" Post - On April 16th it will be titled "Scrap Happy - Week 1" - and at the bottom of it will be a Mister Linky - here is the address of a post of mine that currently has a Mister Linky at it so you can go and see what it looks like and how it works: http://jewlsntexas.blogspot.com/2007/04/t13-edition-7-thirteen-precious-moments.html
I hope we will see you there - please be sure to publicize it so we can get fellow scrapbookers involved in joining us!
Email me and I'll send you the banner code if you'd like!
Thanks -

Scrapcat4914 10:31 AM  

Thank you so very much for the last part of this wonderful kit!!!
Happy Easter!!!

Sharon-shutterbug 1:05 PM  

Lovely - thanks for sharing this with us.

Anonymous,  6:06 PM  

this is so pretty. thanks for sharing it with us.

Kathy 6:55 AM  

Absolutely awesome kit. The colors are beautiful.

Anonymous,  9:55 AM  
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