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>> Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ok... so I have to say it.. Todays headlines sure put me in a sad mood today.. My heart is just breaking for all of those in Virgini..I have such a hard time with stuff like this... leaves me crying for days on how people can be so hurtful to one another. I'm praying for all the broken hearts out there.

Well on to happier subjects...I'm sure you've all heard, now that my little sister opened her big mouth. Lol...(love ya hun) And yes. I will confirm it.. We are working on our first collaboration kit. It has got me soo excited I can hardly contain myself. So..since we are telling everyone our little secrets. I can tell you that this kit is exceptional, and you wont find anything like it. I can tell you that there is a bit of competition involved in it, on your part.

I can also tell you that this has been the best experience I've had in a long time, collaborating with my sister. We compliment each other soo much, its amazing. Where I dont excel, she does, where she doesnt, I do... We make a great team. So be prepared to see more from us. Lol. Can you stand it anymore? Arent we awful? But we are fun too... And you will like what you get.... hope to tell you more today... :o)


Karie Charsha' 1:26 PM  

You both are teaser's!! :) Come on just a hint of what is to come!!! Cannot wait, I enjoy both of your work. I'll check back later and see if you've been nice and given some hints, lol!

H.Green 2:32 PM  

I'm dying to know :)

Anonymous,  2:42 PM  

I'm a newbie at this digital scrapping stuff and i happened to come to your site. Which is very nice and the things that you have made are very nice.....but WHO is you're sister? lol I would love to see some of her stuff as well. You can either let me know on here or my e-mail I made up for Digi mail and stuff....it's digyscrapper@yahoo.com Thank you

nwfotobug 5:16 PM  

digyscrapper@yahoo... you can find a link to my sisters site on the right hand column of my blog.. just click back.. and you will see it in the list of links... just click on it and it will take you to her site. :o)

LVMommy22 7:51 PM  

you two are going to make us pull our hair out trying to guess what you're making, lol! you naughty bunnies!
:) M

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