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>> Thursday, April 26, 2007

So, I've been giving this some thought all week, and I think really well when I'm inspired by something... But its really been bothering me at the loss people go through, lately. My heart really went out to Lauren Reid when I read her blog the other day. Her loss of her Grandfather and her neighbor's son. Who was taken way to early. Then there's Kellie (Miles Mom) and her strength through the loss of her son at an early age (read about Kellie & her family here).. I know loss is normal, but the survivors that are left behind is what really made my heart ache. We are a big niche of scrappers who dont really know each other that well, but we do share a lot in common, and that is Digital Scrapping. The way these people feel makes me really want to reach out and give them a hug. So since I cant reach throught he computer, I decided to hug the only way that I know how... So here's my hug to Lauren & Kellie! I hope that you all can feel this hug, and know that other's are thinking of you. I also want everyone else that is feeling any loss in there lives to feel this hug as well. God Bless You All!

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Also, I wanted to let you know that I started a feed blitz subscription. Notice in the right column the Subscribe me button. Just enter your email addy, and click on the button... you will be asked to confirm your subscription through your email.. its simple to set up... and the greatest part is yet to come. As part of this subscription, you not only get an email every time I update my blog (imagine never missing another freebie!) but you get a freebie for just signing up... Now how cool is that? As soon as Feed Blitz notifies me that you have signed up, I will email you the link to this sweet little goodie....

Grungy Daisies
As always, Have a beautiful Weekend! and Happy Scrappin'. Stay tuned for more goodies I have coming!


Shandy 12:28 AM  

Kris -- what a sweet thoughtful freebie you've got for today. Your words were just eloquent on the loss of loved ones...

Anonymous,  2:01 AM  

Kris, just love the freebie today!
I love your designs!
Have added you to my big freebie list with photos - on my website at:

Anonymous,  6:24 AM  

Just a loving and thoughtful way to let others know "they are not alone". Very touching, Kris. Thank you for the lovely sentiment!

~Lil B~

Anonymous,  9:03 AM  

Thank you for sharing this beautiful minikit and for your lovely words

Nancy72,  9:09 AM  

Your gifts to all of us are always so pretty, Kris...and these are tops!!! The graphics for signing up are gorgeous but I'd sign up anyway...I always read your're a sweetheart...;o)

We are approaching the anniversary of the loss of our DD...always brings a down time with it...she was 29 and a wonderful person and daughter...thanks for the other set also...;o)

scrappinkay 10:14 AM  

thanks for all your great freebies. I especially like the Hope one you just did. I have a dear friend who lost her 4 year old son to Leukemia, it will be 2 years in July. I am going to do a page for her with your Hope kit. Hope is a word she used alot.

Thanks again

Scrapcat4914 10:52 AM  

TY so very much for todays freebie Kris!!!
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous,  11:12 AM  

very pretty, thank you for the freebie

Ruby 11:12 AM  

I'll have to sign up just to get my hands on those grungy daisies. Awesome.

Thank you for your gift today. Grief is an emotion that tends to isolate us. I know from personal experience that even the smallest act of kindness that shows empathy help so much to get rid of the anger and depression.

Joy 12:21 PM  

Thanks Kris - you are so generous to share!

Nicole 1:12 PM  

Thank you for the great freebie. You're so kind for sharing with us all!

Joanna 3:03 PM  

Thanks a LOT!

Lauren Reid,  4:09 PM  

oh you are TOO thoughtful Kris! i appreciate the cyber hug lots!

Anonymous,  4:29 PM  

Thank you so very much, Kris. I lost my 11 year old son, John in 1988. I lost my husband in the same accident.

Penn Family 7:44 PM  

This is so sweet of you!! THank you so very truly means so much to me!

Anonymous,  9:31 PM  

Thank you so very much for sharing not just your artwork but also your inner sense of love and care. I can understand and truly feel this pain because I have lost 2 people I loved (still loving). Pain doesn't go away and the memories will always be there.

Shell 11:51 PM  

Thanks for the touching freebie today. I have you on my RSS feeder list so I know when you post here.

Colette,  2:17 AM  

I can't download at the moment - seem to have a problem with 4shared. :( Oh well - i wasn't affected the last time so I guess it is my turn!!
I had to make a comment on your thoughtfulness though - this mini kit will mean so much to so many - a perfect cyber hug in the digital world. Congratulations - keep caring! :)xox

Brooke - in Oregon 7:21 AM  

I just love the word art you did. It is awesome on it's own, but when you read the inspiration behind it, wow. So very touching, thank you for sharing the freebie, and for sharing the hope.

Anonymous,  1:42 PM  

Hey Kris, love today's goodie. It's so thoughtful! Thanks too for mentioning the Feedblitz signup. That shows up way near the bottom on my screen - many posts back and I wouldn't have seenit right away. : D

Anonymous,  9:36 AM  

This daisy page is too cool. I can think of lots of LO's I could use it with. Keep this good stuff coming. We wouldn't want to see your good talent wasted.

Anonymous,  1:39 AM  

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Anonymous,  11:20 AM  

Thanks for sharing.

Sharon-shutterbug 6:11 AM  

I just wanted to let you know that I downloaded several of your wonderful freebies today (Journal Frame, Scribble Brackets, Friendship QP, Steel Brackets) and would like to thank you for sharing them with us.

Pam,  11:12 AM  

Thanks Kris! I lost my Mom 3 weeks ago today. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I miss her terribly. Thanks for giving me a design that I can scrap my last picture of her with!

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