Warm colored Ribbons

>> Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Per lvmommy22 request here is your warm colored ribbons to match the red paper pack I posted yesterday... You know sometimes I think I'm an air head, because that is what I started to make the first ribbon set for, and I got sidetracked... I guess that is what makes us human huh? Lol... Thank you lvmommy22 for giving me a wake up call... could it be that its 1am...

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VJ's Scrap Room 1:54 AM  

Thank you soo much..this is great!

Véro Amestramgram 5:36 AM  

Merci, cher Kris, pour tous tes merveilleux cadeaux chaque jour...

Véro Amestramgram, from Belgium

PSharp,  11:41 AM  

Thank you for the great ribbons.

Anonymous,  12:34 PM  

Both ribbon sets are lovely- thank you kris : D

LVMommy22 7:33 PM  

yay! these are perfect! thanks kris!
:) M
vero says:
"thanks, dear kris, for all the marvelous gifts each day ..."

Glenda,  7:47 PM  

Thanks for the ribbons. I picked up all three sets and they are all lovely. Thank you so much

Pin,  5:42 PM  

wonderful ribbons! thank you so much.

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