Happy Birthday to you!

>> Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday lil' sis, happy birthday to you...

Well, if you havent' guessed, today is my little sister's birthday. And agian in her honor here is the last set of Easter Eggs... So far she has loved them all. Lol. So I hope she likes these just as much. I love both of these two. So I saved the best for last. Here ya go.....

Link Expired

and the second set is called Brushed Easter Eggs... arent these fun? I just love this set.

Link Expired

Thank you soo much for coming by and participating in my sisters birthday. Your comments are just wonderful. And if you showed up for the first time, dont forget to check out the other eggs below. This site is full of some wonderful freebies. Not that I'm bragging or anything. Lol.

(The link for the brushed eggs should be working now. Sorry for the delay.)


Anonymous,  8:59 AM  

Thanks for all the eggs in honor of your sis' birthday!

Anonymous,  10:11 AM  

On my way over to "sing" Happy Bday to your sis. Thanks for the eggs they are adorable - the brushed eggslink doesn't seem to be working though.

Scrapcat4914 10:39 AM  

Your so very right!
You've saved the best for last!
Thank you so very much!!!!
Now to your sis's site!

PSharp,  10:40 AM  

Thank you for the wonderful eggs.

Anonymous,  10:52 AM  

Not working for me either?

mamamaytag 12:53 PM  

All the eggs are great, Your sister is so lucky. And so are we, Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
I have got all except this one and its not working for me either.

Joanna 3:17 PM  

Congrats to your sister and thanks a lot for the lovely eggs.

Anonymous,  3:25 PM  

Thanks Kris - looking forward to Easter and a chance to use these!

matsugirl,  5:01 PM  

Thank you for all the egg freebies!

They are pretty and cute!


Mormishmom 8:41 PM  

Thank you for the great eggs! You are so talented!

Anonymous,  9:41 PM  

Thanks so much for all the pretty eggs. I love Easter and know I will enjoy using these. cg

twoboyz00 9:52 PM  

Thanks so much for the adoreable eggs!

Nancy P,  11:04 PM  

Oh my, aren't these wonderful! Beautiful patterns and colors. I think you have given us 2 dozen now, huh? Thank you so much for these wonderful Easter goodies. Your sister is very lucky she has a sister like you! I hope both of you have a great celebration.

Chris,  11:15 AM  

Thanks for all the free eggs!

myscrapbook,  6:07 PM  

Beautiful easter egg sets.tfs

Anonymous,  7:07 AM  

Thanks for all the wonderful eggs. Happy Birthday to your sis

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