>> Saturday, January 20, 2007

I made some overlays for another project I was working on, and thought I would post them if you were interested in using them.

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Jan 1:54 PM  

Cool! Thanks!

Anonymous,  3:41 PM  

these are wonderful! thanks so much!

Anonymous,  4:43 PM  

I absolutely adore these!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share! :D

Anonymous,  7:46 PM  

Thank you so much!! These are great!

Anonymous,  8:17 PM  

Thank you very much for creating and sharing these awesome templates. I can't wait to try them out. They look Great.

Jaime,  9:55 PM  

Thanks these are so awesome!

Anonymous,  11:20 PM  

Thankyou so much... I cant wait to use these.

Dana 11:26 PM  

Thank you - it looks great

Mara 12:52 AM  

I just love to try things with overlays. Thank you very much for sharing these ones.

carmel,  1:31 AM  

love grunge! thanks so much!

Anonymous,  1:51 AM  

Thank you so much!!!

Leslie,  5:36 AM  

TFS! I can't wait to use them!!

donwilmom 6:49 AM  

great overlays! Thanks!

twoboyz00 7:10 AM  

Thanks very much!

Lisa 7:18 AM  

What a wonderful treat!!! Thank you soooooo much!!! Looking forward to meeting you at the retreat!

jenn- 8:27 AM  

Thank you. I am just starting to use overlays and this will help add to my small collection.

Danielle 8:45 AM  

Very cool - thanks!

Anonymous,  9:26 AM  

TY!!! The overlays are great!

Mamy Blue,  10:08 AM  

Thanks a bunch for these overlays ... ;D
Regards from France

danenan,  11:51 AM  

wow, thanks a lot!

Glenda 12:33 PM  

Thank you for the overlays. Things look so different when you use them. Thanks for sharing

Joanna,  1:29 PM  

Thanks a lot for the great overlays.

Anonymous,  1:41 PM  

I adored, very beautiful. Thank you.

Vickie 1:59 PM  

Thanks. :)

Anonymous,  3:12 PM  

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous,  11:43 PM  

Gorgeous! TFS!!

martiegras 2:06 PM  

Very oretty!

Monica 12:11 PM  

Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us!!

Anonymous,  2:14 PM  

Hi Kris, thanks so much for the cool overlays. I look forward to playing withthem!! I am from the southern end of our beautiful state! - Brooke

Anonymous,  7:46 PM  

Great! A different color than black or grey. Thanks so much!

Juju,  12:50 AM  

Thank you very much for sharing,

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