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>> Monday, February 06, 2012

Life has been insanely busy in my part of the woods. Alot of you know that I am a group exercise instructor 3/4 of my day, a mother of two beautiful kids and I dabble in design work. Well, I lost 7 classes on December 1st, when I club I was working at sold out to another club. So for the last few months I have been desperately trying to find work, which has been taking up all of my free time for anything else. Just in the last week, Ive had a few moments to design some things, and thought I would show you my work in progress. My mojo is lacking since my time is lacking, so its taking me awhile to get these done. But I hope to have them released soon. what do you think?

I would love to hear about the new styles that you all are loving right now. Is there anything new that you are finding incredibly fun to work with? Is there a new kit out there that you are just loving right now? Element pack? Enlighten me with some of the kits out there that you are loving.

Do you have a work in progress that you are working on? Share with others here


Suzie Thomas 4:46 AM  

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redjanfan 2:42 PM  

I think they are both gorgeous! Crisp winter is so bright and light like sunshine on snow, and Full of Wisdom is a beautiful colour palette with that beautiful button tree.

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