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Howdy folks,

  So I am curious about something??? You made it to my blog, but how did you get  here? What brought you here? Where are places you like to visit. The digiworld is so big, often times i get lost in it, but where do you like to visit and why? I know lots of questions. Dont feel intimidated by them. Maybe just pick one. I would love to  hear about it.



nancypinct 1:03 AM  

It was Ikea Goddess that sent me to your blog a long time ago. You were offering lovely freebies and I was a newbie and needed all the creative ideas I could get on a budget. You have always been very generous. Thank you!

orachel 2:44 AM  

I'm not sure how I originally found you, but it was at least year and a half ago. I discovered dig art, fell in love with it, then my health got crummier and I couldn't sit at puter for about year and a half, so I lost track of you. I'm recently back, like within a few weeks recent, and EVERYTHING is so new to me!! I forgot photoshop entirely, and I didn't know it well to begin with. Sigh...all new, but I'm definitely inspired. Where i'm hanging out lately is primarily scrapbookgraphics and scrapartist, and of course DST for the gallery etc, just because I'm really into altered art lately, and they both have some amazing illustration artists who do vintage elements too. Why I stay there is because people have been really friendly and accommodating. If I don't understand how to post something, or can't find a resource, or whatever...and REALLY sweet about my newest forays into art, which are pretty sad since I'm trying to teach myself dig manipulation. Now, on the flip side, there are a few places I've gone, tried to hang out, bought some stuff, and been utterly and totally ignored...and I'm not just talking about not many friendly scrappers, I'm talking like customer service not responding, impossible to get help with anything. I won't name names, but I'm sure you're familiar with them. I asked 5 different ways and places all over forums and customer service for someone to show me where basic info on challenge points was....its days later, and I don't have a single flippin' response. Not even from cust service or owner, and I asked while checking out a $10 cart...sheesh. I participated in a challenge, and was not approached by a single human...not proctor or anyone else there. I think my layout got one comment, but I don't even care about that...i just want to be able to get basic info and NOT be treated like a red-headed step-child (no offense to you carrot tops! lol).

So, I wrote a book here, but just wanted to give you an idea that where I hang out, at least for me, has to do with a sense of welcome...or at least not active hostility! lmao I mean yeah...lets be honest, this is a hobby and is supposed to be fun, but many of us do spend some money at it so for at least a few people at the top of boutique foodchain there should be some degree of trying to retain business, if nothing else. I won't be going back there, but that's ok...i've got other places that are even better. lol Oh, another thing that really makes me happy is when the gallery has tons of art that I find really inspiring from creative or technical standpoint. And when you really like the look of something, like a filter put on a photo or whatever, and can feel comfortable asking artist how she did that...that's pretty dang cool, and sadly its NOT that friendly everywhere. Hope you and sister are both well...i've just sorta been popping in occasionally since i've been back in dig world. hugs..
orachel54 at yahoo

Christie 2:54 PM  

I found you through SDD

Causa 12:50 PM  

Your shop on Scrappity-Doo-Dah send me here. I was curious about all your products.
You have a nice blog. ;)
Have a nice weekend !!!

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