Summer Solstice Sale!!

>> Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yep, you got it! I am welcoming Summer! Bring it on baby! I'm sick of the rain, I'm ready for the tans, the busy schedules, the kids driving me crazy...ok, wait a minute...maybe I'm not ready for Summer. But the pics, and all the fun stuff to scrapbook. Ok, i guess I can put up with it...
So lets start off the first day of summer with some fun! How about a Sale! 20% off the entire store! Plus new stuff in the store! Swing on by and check it out! The sale will be Saturday and Sunday, and depending on when I get by to turn it off, it may just go into Monday. Lol. :o)
Wanna see whats new in the store? Check it out here:


evitangel 1:45 AM  

so beautiful!

have a fab we

Teri 4:18 AM  

great new products!!

Charlie's Nana 4:47 AM  

Love that Antique Linen. Sure wish you could share your rain with my part of the country.

*sarahm172* 8:00 AM  

pretty stuff

Kutnkudlys' Kreations 9:39 AM  

Great stuff!

Have a great weekend!

Brook 1:50 AM  

Oh Kris! I so need your rain! I love the new kits that you are releasing! They are awesome!

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