First Ever Grab Bag!

>> Thursday, January 31, 2008

We are all celebrating at Plain Digital Wrapper for Mardi Gras!
Yep, and I think I already started partying to much in celebration, because I jumped on the Grab bag wagon, and decided to do my own...
Here is a sneak peak

Isnt it cute? This purse is bursting at the seams so much, that the previews are trying to get out. Some of those items even sneaked off the preview page and ended up making up the preview, can you believe it? You just cant get well behaved papers and/or elements these days. :o)
But on a more serious note, this grab bag will be available from February 1st thru February 5th only, then after that all items will be revealed and released to the store, so you dont want to miss this deal! With this deal you really are getting four for the price of one. :o) Ohhh whoops, was that another hint?! Lol. Somebody better cut me off.
Also be on the look for some more new goodies coming to the store this weekend! I've been busy, busy, busy, you will want to stay tuned for what I have going on. All kinds of new stuff, I've been really challenging myself with a lot of new to me items.


doloro 6:26 PM  

Ooh looks like fun! I love Mardi Gras LOL or any celebration for that matter! Love your wording for the preview - too funny :)

Kutnkudly 5:10 AM  

Wow, Mardi Gras already? Geesh, where does the time go?

Have a great weekend!

Brook 6:47 AM  

Everyone is going to want this Mardi Grab Bag! It is awesome! Just beautiful! I can't believe that all of those things were in the bag!

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