BYOS - Its not what you think!

>> Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yep, you read it right but, I bet its not what you think! Lol. BYOS stands for Build your own Snowman. Lol. So have you ever wanted your own snowman, but wanted him customized? Say you want one with a carrot nose, but then decide you want it to be coal? Hat or not hat? corn cob pipe? buttons? mittens, no mittens. All these are choices that you can have with this kit.. Switch the eyes, the nose, the mouth, give him eyebrows, no eyebrows. There are three snowmen in this kit and you can dress them any way you like. Included are 84 png files to create your snowman any way you like. Almost everything was hand drawn, including one piece that was hand drawn by my six year old son! He told me what to draw and I drew the rest. He was a great help on this kit, and was truly excited to be a part of it. What a great experience to share with him. So you wanna peak? Here it is:

You can purchase this kit at
or at


sunflowers 1:32 AM  

what a amazing idea, to make wear for the snowmen and woman ;O).
very awesome!!!

Melissa Bennett 6:02 AM  

Oh what a great idea!! So cute!!

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